Things to know about CPanel/WHM Plus

There are certain prerequisites that must be followed when installing cPanel or WHM Plus. The basic concepts about which you should have knowledge when installing cPanel are the following:

At first, one should be sure that the cPanel license being used has been purchased from the cPanel website. This is because the license is not free; the user has to buy it from the right source. The IP you would use must be authorized to use cPanel. Also, the hostname of the server must also be valid. The ports that will be used to access cPanel must be opened in the server’s firewall. This can be done using the ‘iptables command’.

It is highly recommended that the user follow the proper tutorial before installing the system on the server. Also, it is mandatory that cPanel is installed on a clean server because if other applications are already present on the server, the cPanel installation might fail. In case there are other applications already installed on the system, it is recommended to use the Rebuild function in control panel which helps to create a server image. The Perl installation is important to running the cPanel installation. Another important aspect of having a seamless cPanel installation is having an uninterrupted connection.

There are a few ways to access cPanel or WHM Plus with or without the use of SSL. Things to follow are:

The port value used to communicate with remote servers such as cPanel, WHM, and Webmail is either HTTP or HTTPS over an encrypted connection.

The host address can have an IP address or a domain name. When an end user uses a domain name to access cPanel or WHM Plus, it is mandatory that the domain’s DNS information has been propagated through the domain system. Most of the websites that are accessed by http or https, in them the port number is already implicit. On the other hand, cPanel and WHM services use their individual port numbers. Therefore, it is important that if you want to access a service through cPanel or WHM services, you must specify the port number regardless of the connection type.

When a user logs into the cPanel or WHM Plus server, a security token is automatically added to the URL. The security token is required for authorized use of a website. As far as access is concerned, if you can’t access the cPanel interface with the domain name, you can try the domains IP address. It is generally seen that it takes around two to three days for the domain to fully propagate after the website has been set up. Once the domain has been successfully propagated, the website can be navigated to using the domain name.

Therefore, the steps required for the proper functioning of cPanel or WHM Plus have been clearly outlined. By following all the steps correctly, a user can reap the benefits of cPanel or WHM.

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