Repair of damaged Indian wooden furniture

Indian wooden furniture, like any other piece of furniture, is prone to damage. In general, wooden furniture often suffers from nicks, cracks, minor cracks, and broken or splintered sections. Often times, porous wood like maple can crack and dry out. Maple, however, is not widely used in making Indian furniture. In South India, where the climate is tropical and the […]

Physical activity has a direct correlation with general well-being, relaxation and the connection between mind and body

Scientific evidence and studies show that the mind and body are actually ONE SYSTEM. So you ask, “What exactly does it mean?” Our mind and our body are not as different as perceived at first, there is quite correlation that is, the relationship of your individual mind with your own unique individual body that houses everything about you! It is […]

Belize as an offshore privacy tax haven

Let’s look at some of the laws this underwhelming but frequently used jurisdiction has. But before we delve into this, let’s point out that the capital, Belize City, has a paved street that is 3 or 4 blocks long. You are in the third world here with numerous internet, power and phone outages. Belize is often hit by hurricanes. Regime […]

Jamaica’s Black River Crocodile Adventure

time to explore Jamaica is such a beautiful country and Negril as I said before has amazing beaches with crystal clear water. We would have been fine staying at our all-inclusive resort, because it had everything we needed. I always want to see all that a country has to offer when I visit and the Negril side of Jamaica was […]

5 Great Barbados Hotels

I was going to call this article the “Best Five Hotels in Barbados” but then decided that “best” is subjective, and there are many great hotels in Barbados. So I settled on “Five Great Barbados Hotels”. Each hotel is unique and if you stay in one of them you will surely be more than satisfied. 1 Crane Beach Hotel After […]

Different printing activities, various HP CM2320 toners

When shopping for HP Color LaserJet CM2320 toner, most people don’t realize that there are a number of options available other than the usual original or original variants. Unsurprisingly though, with each of these options come certain pros and cons that a savvy shopper should always keep in mind. For some, genuine HP toner might be the best option, while […]