NBA basketball history

The History The national basketball association, like many other sports, has humble beginnings. It began as a Basketball Association of America (BAA) in 1946. On August 3, 1949, the BAA merged with the National Basketball League (NBL), eventually forming the NBA. It allowed to expand its staff with seventeen franchises. Through the years, the game of basketball continually interested a […]

How Big 10 Basketball Compares to MIAC

As I sat watching the Gustavus women play Wednesday night at Saint Mary’s, SMU athletic director Nikki Fennern briefly joined this crippled Gustie alumna in the stands. Our idle chatter was soon interrupted by the announcer happily informing us of the men’s score at Gus Young Court – Saint Mary’s 36, Gustavus 31 with two minutes remaining in the first […]

gardening as meditation

As creators of reality, most of us have found something in life that helps us feel the essence of ourselves. Something that makes us feel alive and connected, comforted, inspired. When life gets confusing, uncertain, or fearful, we turn to our meditation—whether it’s music, art, fishing, or dance—to help us return to a state of normalcy. For me, it is […]

Soccer Betting How To

Football betting is a very popular form of betting that has both the fun of participating in sports and the fun of winning some money from it. Soccer betting has been around for as long as betting and soccer matches have coexisted in the country. Bettors are usually soccer fans who understand the game quite well, but this is not […]

Real shortstops don’t bite their gloves.

Growing up with an older brother (Garland) and two orderly cousins ​​(Earle and Harvey) who lived across the yard meant that I was often cast in the most inconsequential roles in games and sports. For example, all the neighboring children played baseball in a clearing in our garden; in reality, the clearing was the infield, and any ball that came […]

Basketball Stations: Basketball Drills for a Pre-Practice Warmup

As a beginning coach, I ignored warm-ups and used half-speed two-ball dribbling drills as a warm-up for more intense activities during practice. When I moved to Sweden to coach a professional women’s basketball team, the players were married to their warm-ups and couldn’t function without an extended warm-up period. When I was training with the club’s men’s team, I felt […]

Toronto Raptors 2006 Midseason NBA Breakdown

TORONTO RAPTOR 20-34 What has changed? Toronto rewarded Jalen Rose’s game-winning goal against the Kings with a trade to the New York Knicks. In exchange they received Antonio Davis to help Chris Bosh in the front zone. While Davis hasn’t made the biggest impact yet, it looks like good things are on the horizon. Chris Bosh’s 22.5 points and 9.2 […]

Does Uptalk make you throw up?

Uptalk is invading the workplace and reaching epidemic proportions. It’s that sing-song speech pattern that has a rising inflection at the end of the sentence. It sounds like the speaker is asking a question instead of making a statement. Once the exclusive domain of teenagers, it is now a regular part of the adult world. And I don’t mean Generation […]