Top 5 Things to Do in Aruba

The island of Aruba, 33 km long, is located in the Caribbean Sea, to the south. Combine three other countries to form the Kingdom of the Netherlands. The residents here have a Dutch citizen and there is a moderate population on the island. You no longer need to fly all the way to Africa to see ostriches, because Aruba is […]

Honda to discontinue Accord hybrid

In September of this year, the new 2008 Honda Accord will arrive in dealerships. However, the hybrid version of the popular midsize sedan will not appear as Honda announced it will discontinue production of its Honda Accord Hybrid units. A company spokesman announced the news following the company’s US sales report reflecting falling sales figures for the hybrid. “We found […]

Different types of tire changers available

Tire changers are absolutely vital to being able to change a modern car tire. Almost every auto, body, oil, and tire shop has one type of model or another. Many car owners rely on these machines to make sure their expensive tires don’t get damaged while the wheel is being repaired. There are several different types of such changers. Semi-automatic […]

Jaguar clothing for true Jaguar fans

For true Jaguar fans, Jaguar apparel makes a great gift. Jaguar is such a recognizable brand that it has a worldwide following, and Jaguar clothing and other products are produced to appease its fans. Jaguar fans of course know all about the brand’s history, but for those looking to shop for a Jaguar fan, let’s take a look at how […]

21st century supercars

All the cars will take you from point A to B. Others will take you faster. Some cars will make you feel like you are flying. Others will literally fly. In the 21st century, nothing is left over and engineers stop at nothing. Most of the cars are just cars, but some have extraordinary features. These are called ‘supercars’. The […]

Carb, carb, carb, tomato can?

Would you believe someone if they told you that the first Harley Davidson built in 1903 used a tomato can as a carburetor? You may find this story hard to believe, but while undocumented, this tomato can carburetor urban legend has been doing the rounds for years. However, it is a fact that the carburetor was invented by Wilhem Maybach. […]

Imagine a private sector, a free market economy that guarantees enough predictable income,,,

Imagine, if you can, a private sector-oriented free-market economy that is designed to systematically ensure that all American citizens, regardless of race, ethnicity, gender, or sexual orientation, have ENOUGH PREDICTABLE INCOME to pay for decent food, shelter, and clothing. . , education, basic transportation, and yes, medical care. In other words, imagine, if you can, a free market economic system […]