Bayan Olgii Mongolia

In the westernmost part of Mongolia, on the border with China and Russia, lies the remarkable province of Bayan Olgii (Bayan Ulgii). It is known that this land is the land of Kazakh descendants, whose ancestors fled their homeland to prevent the expansion of the Russian empire and seek a better future. While the rest of Mongolia is homogeneous, Bayan-Olgii […]

Limousine Rental Services – Limousine Rental Services Allow You To Travel In Style

Limousine rental services were known to serve wealthy people, upper class people, celebrities, transporting the president or major guests, and sometimes honeymooners. However, the focus changed and now limousines are available for a wide range of occasions. Wedding Now, hardly a wedding day goes by without seeing the newlyweds depart in an exquisite limousine. It has become part of the […]

6 tips for buying a used car

Have you been thinking about buying a card car? If so, you are not alone. Every year around 40 million used cars are sold to new buyers. Since there are tons of options, you will have a hard time choosing the best car. Below is a list of some important tips to make this challenge a little easier. keep reading […]

Ice Fishing: The Pros and Cons of Using a Shelter

Ice fishing in North America can take many forms and varying degrees of convenience. The costs involved are similar to fishing in the water. At the basic level, you have a manual ice auger with a length of line and a bare hook with a bit of bait. At the other end of the spectrum, you have a power auger […]

Is een banden- en wielverzekering de moeite waard voor een Porsche?

Is een banden- en wielverzekering de Porsche is een van de meest herkenbare automerken ter wereld en zijn auto’s staan bekend om hun prestaties. Het bedrijf werd 92 jaar geleden in Duitsland opgericht en produceert nu een verscheidenheid aan voertuigen, waaronder sedans, SUV’s en sportwagens. Als u een Porsche bezit, is het belangrijk om een verzekering af te sluiten die […]

Insurance – Car Ratings and Your Car Buying Decision

Here’s a fact you may not even know: the make and model of your car affects your insurance premiums. When it comes to insurance, car ratings matter. Ratings from leading US auto insurance providers indicate that the 2008 Ford 500 and Ford Taurus are among the best Fords to hit the road in terms of insurance costs. For insurance costs […]

My War Memories – Torn Jaffna in Asia

Our vehicles were driving along the Palaly road, my usual route on school days, which connects the city of Jaffna and the Palaly airport. The German students were staring at the surroundings. We were passing the crossing where once thirteen Sri Lankan soldiers were killed in an LTTE ambush and the event thereafter erupted into horrific violence in the south […]

Understanding the size of the coffee pot

Why am I not getting twelve cups of coffee from my 12-cup coffee maker? It’s the holidays and the extended family is staying at your house. You brew a full pot in your new Cuisinart 12-cup. Relatives compete for their morning joe, but only the first five in line fill up. The jar is empty. Urgh! You knew you’d have […]