Are A/C recharge kits for cars environmentally friendly?

A/C recharge kits for cars Performing your own air conditioning recharge is generally considered to be a bad idea. Unless your car AC system has a serious leak (which a trained professional will be able to find and fix), a recharge should only be performed when the air in your car isn’t cool enough. DIY kits make it easy to […]

BMW S1000RR Carbon Fiber Price in India

Carbon Fiber Price in India The BMW s1000rr carbon fiber is one of the most unique and aspirational bikes that anyone can own in the world. It comes with performance, electronics and styling that is unparalleled. However, it is also very expensive making it out of the reach of most Indians. The German motorcycle manufacturer is known for their high-quality […]

How long is the battery life of e-bike?

Batteries are something like the heart of e-bikes. As e-bikes have become more popular in recent years, their users are also concerned about battery life. Today we talk about the factors that affect the life of lithium batteries and suggestions on how to extend their life. The lifespan of an E-bike battery depends on several factors, which are explained below: […]

Happy New Year (Federal Attorney)! Now?

The US federal government runs on a different schedule than most companies. While many companies that focus on consumers or that sell to other businesses are pushing to “make the numbers” before the calendar year ends on December 31, the federal government is ahead of the curve because October 1 is the new federal fiscal year. While you may not […]

11 reasons why transportation companies should buy second-hand buses

From churches and schools to public transport, many businesses are in high demand for second-hand shuttle buses. Even artists and individual executives prefer to buy second hand buses over new ones for various reasons. Buying a used bus is different from buying a used personal car or any other vehicle. Through research and preliminary thoughts needed, there are many reasons […]

Choose the most reliable Kenworth trucks

Kenworth trucks are one of the world renowned names in the trucking industry that offer the unmatched quality of their commercial vehicles. Kenworth trucks are the most reliable company whose trucks are very well designed by their engineers to meet the challenges required on the road. Kenworth made a name for itself in the auto industry back in 1923, and […]

safari aunt

Tata Safari is the first SUV manufactured and designed entirely in India by the famous Tata Motors. It is an all-terrain vehicle that also has a powerful 3.0L common rail turbo diesel engine assisted by a 5-speed manual gearbox. First introduced in 1998, it became very popular among Indians who were eager to try out the first local SUV that […]

Beat insomnia – Fall asleep using your mind

THERE ARE perhaps many ways for those who struggle to sleep to actually get some kip; some ways work for some, but not for others. The method I have discovered should work for most. It might be a little hard to describe, but I guess if you’re chronically tired, you’re prepared to put in the time and effort, right? You […]