Natural cures for swollen lymph nodes

Swollen lymph nodes are a glandular problem caused by bacteria that have accumulated in the lymph nodes. Allergies can make it easier to get the flu, cold, or ear infections. These infections can cause bacteria to build up in the body and lymph nodes, causing pain and swelling. To cure this problem, bacteria must be removed from the body. This […]

Psychic Medium’s New Age Book Review: Conversations with God Book 1 by Neal Donald Walsch

Neal Donald Walsch’s Conversations with God Book 1 focuses on the everyday individual challenges we have in life. Show or describe how we can see life from a different perspective and be really happy with ourselves. In the book, Neal feels like he is in direct conversation with God. Neal asks God many difficult questions about everyday life. The questions […]

5 main reasons why marriages break up

Love: Yes, I mean love. I know you are wondering how love can cause a breakup. Love is believed to be the foundation of marriage. It is love that produces marriage. You only get married once you realize that you love someone else like yourself. You cannot marry someone you hate. Unless it’s for other reasons. When the sweet love […]

Safe pregnancy for magical moms

In honor of the Great Mother and all mothers, I present this to you. Many herbs common in studies and magical practice are dangerous to use during pregnancy. Mugwort tea, for example, part of any standard divination ritual for many practitioners, will cause miscarriage (even late in pregnancy) and subsequent bleeding. Fortunately, most herbs are safe to handle in small […]

Back pain in early pregnancy

Short-lived and normal phenomenon Back pain in early pregnancy is a normal phenomenon in this most beautiful period of a woman’s life. Most pregnant women experience some degree of back pain during early pregnancy, and this pain usually goes away after about 20 weeks. Back pain or spasm, which is reflected by stretching of the muscles or burning pain in […]