The best natural cures for yeast infections!

Natural cures for yeast infection are an easy and safe way to treat yeast infection. If you are looking for long-lasting solutions, then over-the-counter and prescription drugs are not the options for you. In a nutshell, natural yeast infection remedies are not only effective but also have longer lasting effects than medications. One of the reasons why people are trying […]

Psychic predictions in dreams and nightmares: use them to change your reality

Distinguishing psychic dreams from nightmares This article will focus on psychic premonitions and dreams, emphasizing the difference between psychic dreams and nightmares, and the positive insights they both provide. I have been asked several times if a recurring nightmare could be a telepathic message containing psychic predictions about future negative manifestations. The thought of a scary and disturbing dream coming […]

15 makeup mistakes you may be making every day

When it comes to makeup and beauty, the mistakes you make can really affect how you look. Remember, first impressions mean everything. Therefore, it is very important to look beautiful, even fabulous, before you leave the house. There are several mistakes that we end up making, even without having any idea that we are doing everything wrong. How to have […]

Poetry book combines myth with meditation

Goddess Heart Rising is a collection of poetry focusing on different goddesses from history and myth that are used by author Roslyn McGrath to highlight various aspects of the “goddess” in all of us. The subtitle “Paintings, Poems, and Meditations to Activate Your Divine Potential” reveals the purpose of the book. Although a man (this book’s intended audience is clearly […]

Discus Breeding (Part 1-3)

1————————————————- ————————————————– ——– The first thing to understand is that you are not in complete control. If Discus doesn’t want to pair, there’s nothing you can do about it. All you can do is provide the right conditions to make them more likely to mate. If you have a sexual partner and they are the only discs in the tank, […]

How to stop being so shy

Many people think that if they can stop being shy, they will be more successful in life. These people are probably right. Shyness limits a person’s ability to take risks and assert themselves both socially and professionally. Some people are naturally shy as young children, and other people find that shyness becomes a bigger problem as they get older. Either […]