Things to do while traveling to Newton, NSW Australia

Newton’s main street is King Street, which is also the center of entertainment and commercial activity. This street becomes Princess Highway at the southern end after following the spine of a specific long ridge that rises near the University of Sydney. Newton is considered to be a bohemian and diverse neighborhood that bustles with activity day and night. In addition […]

Chronic fatigue syndrome in men

Many of my male patients complain of being tired, stressed and feeling like they are burning the candle at both ends! I like to call this “too busy syndrome,” fatigue caused by busy schedules and little free time to just hang out and relax. However, there is a difference between “overworked tiredness” and the debilitating exhaustion associated with chronic fatigue […]

vaginal shaving for beginners

Shaving the bikini area is all the rage these days and more and more women are opting for the full vaginal shave. The idea of ‚Äč‚Äčmaneuvering around her sensitive spots with a sharp razor seems daunting at first. Rest assured though, with this quick start guide to vaginal shaving you’ll be on your way to a smooth mound in no […]

Is it safe to eat cinnamon if you have acid reflux?

Acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) occurs when stomach contents spill into the esophagus. Poor diet, lack of exercise and stress can contribute to this disease. If left untreated, it can cause inflammation and scarring of the esophagus. One of the natural remedies to relieve the symptoms of acid reflux is cinnamon, one of the oldest spices in the […]

The Health Benefits of Sodium Selenite

Before discussing the benefits of sodium selenite, we will briefly discuss this nutrient. Sodium selenite (Selenium) is one of many antioxidant substances that attack destructive cells in the body, an essential trace mineral and micronutrient. It works with vitamin E to scavenge free radicals, which are cells that have an unpaired electron. To become stable, it “steals” an electron from […]

Things to consider when booking a hotel in Brooklyn

Brooklyn, the most densely populated borough in New York City (NYC), is a favorite tourist destination for many people around the world. The district is hesitant to be overshadowed by neighboring Manhattan, and boasts a vibrant and unique culture. Brooklyn features a perfect mix of cultures from around the world and world-renowned attractions. From a walk across the famous Brooklyn […]