Exercise classes for moms and babies, when?

After learning how to become a mom (plus getting some much-needed sleep), my next question was, when could I start hitting the gym? I needed to get my pre-pregnancy physique back! After talking to physiotherapists who specialize in postnatal recovery (and reading some stories about the pelvic floor), I realized how important it was to get a solid pelvic floor […]

Businessman is knocked out by giant breasts

The headline read: A Smartly Dressed Businessman Accidentally Bumped His Head On A Low Hanging Sign Today While Walking Through The Downtown District During His Lunch Break. The heavy wooden sign hit him square in the forehead: he was quickly knocked out and he remained like that for several long minutes, lying on the sidewalk right in front of the […]

Where to buy pots for orchids?

Before making the decision to buy pots for orchids, you should consider some features of such a delicate flower as an orchid. Specialized containers for plants of this family must provide: good moisture output; the acceptable temperature level for this flower. safe removal of long roots, which often creep far beyond the container; active air circulation around the root system […]

Why do women’s feet get bigger as they get older?

There are many reasons why women’s feet widen as they age. Some of the reasons include weight gain and an aging population. We’ve probably all noticed that people are generally bigger today than they were years ago. Weight gain puts more pressure on the feet when standing or walking, making the joints and ligaments work harder to retain the structure […]

say goodbye to hangovers

If you’ve ever wondered what causes hangovers, the answer to that question is simply this: hangovers are caused by drinking more alcohol than your body can handle. Even a single alcoholic drink can cause a hangover in some people. Some others can drink a lot and completely escape a hangover. Generally, however, more than three to five alcoholic drinks for […]