The second oldest profession… Barter and trade

After finishing a course in 1031 tax-free exchanges in the early 1970s, the first agreement drawn up on this “revolutionary” means of doing business was a “NON-qualified 1031 tax-free exchange” using “pure boot”. This was not “like property”. A builder had been building houses like crazy and suddenly the market turned south and no one came up to buy the […]

Common questions to ask an image consultant

WHAT TO ASK ABOUT THE STYLE Before engaging the services of an image consultant, you may want to ask about a few important things. The first refers to research, the second to color analysis and the third to footwear. THE RESEARCH QUESTION Probably the biggest mistake people make when using a stylist is thinking that this person can help them […]

How to choose an LSAT class

IN GENERAL When choosing an LSAT course, instead of trying to determine which test prep course is “best,” you should be concerned with which course is best for you. Determine what is important to you: lots of practice material with explanations and computer grading? Many hours of class? Small classes with personalized attention? Easy to learn stuff? Once you’ve determined […]

Example of request letter

Request letters are written when you want to seek a favor from the proper authority. You can apply for scholarships, recommendations, product feedback, and many more. They strictly follow all the rules of formal letter writing. The language is extremely official and polite. The content is short and to the point. Application letters are written objectively without emotional statements. The […]

5 things to know about child support

When your marriage ends and you have children, you must remember that the life of children has to go on. To give them the life they deserve, you must pay child support to the custodial parent. If you are getting divorced, here are some things to know about child support: Do you need a child support attorney? To save money […]

First Offense DUI

There are strict penalties for a first offense DUI conviction. If you are arrested for a first offense DUI in Michigan, here are some of the penalties you face upon conviction. Operating While Intoxicated (OWI) $100 to $500 Fine: Up to 360 hours of community service. Up to 93 days in jail. Possible immobilization of the vehicle. Driver’s license suspension […]

‘The Code of the Woosters’: a gift for fans of Jeeves and Bertie

PG Wodehouse describes his own writing style as a “musical comedy without music, completely ignorant of real life”. The Code of The Woosters is very much in keeping with that style. The novel features some of Wodehouse’s best-known characters: Bertie Wooster, the affable young aristocrat whose mental gifts are often lacking; Jeeves, his servant, whose mental prowess is known to […]