What to know about uncertified student loans

If you find the rules governing certified student loans too restrictive, you have a way out. There are student loans that are not governed by federal law. US law requires that federal funds for direct student funding be used exclusively for education and other related expenses. The loan amount must be certified by the school before disbursing it, that is, […]

Human-type “AI”

“AI” … of the human species! “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” Several years ago, you may remember a post that describes our increasing reliance on machines, devices, and “AI.” On several occasions, I have tried to raise awareness about this phenomenon of the abilities of artificial intelligence to create and / or recreate itself … over and […]

New York real estate attorneys

A New York real estate attorney practices under New York law. A New York real estate attorney handles purchases and sales of condominium apartments, cooperative homes and apartments, commercial and residential real estate transactions, sublease and lease assignments, and more. A New York real estate attorney also handles real estate litigation with banks, architects, construction contractors, insurance companies, and landlord-tenant […]

What is your sustainability IQ?

Do you know your sustainability IQ? How sustainable is your organization? Do you know where you have your greatest strengths and organizational assets? Do you know your risks and how to minimize them? And do you have a roadmap to build your sustainability? Building sustainability is critical in today’s challenging fiscal, programmatic, and public policy environment. This article will provide […]

The main techniques for analyzing surveys and the main advantages and disadvantages

Four of the main techniques used to analyze surveys are frequencies, crosstabs, means, and graphs. The techniques and their advantages and disadvantages can be described as follows. Frequencies involve counting the number of instances of the categories for each variable and finding the percentages for each selected category based on the total number of people in the survey or those […]