Increase productivity by empowering those around you

In this highly technologically advanced world, today’s leaders continue to be asked to produce more in less time and with fewer resources. How can leaders rise to the challenge? The key is for leaders to empower their followers. When leaders empower those around them, they are unleashing the power of creativity…and yes, productivity. How is this possible? The essence of […]

How to get a mental edge over the competition

While many people are quick to attribute being a superior athlete to simple physical progress, one thing that shouldn’t be overlooked is the mental component of the thing. Physically you can be the best athlete out there, but if you fall apart mentally when the time comes, you’re not going to win any races, games or competitions any time soon. […]

Business Types – Definition of Business Types

A man is known by the company that organizes. -Ambrose Bierce [Types of Businesses] – Owning your own business is an important part of having great financial success in a capitalist society. There are many types of businesses to choose from, so one of the first decisions you’ll make is what type of business to open. There are several options […]

5 MLM Tips That Will Transform Your Business

Chances are you are struggling to build a successful MLM business. 95% of people who get involved in this industry fail. It’s unfortunate, but I blame a lot of this on a lack of proper knowledge and training. I came close to finding myself a part of this 95%, but then I stumbled upon a new online network marketing philosophy […]

Do you have to write a blog every day?

When you start blogging to increase traffic, newsletter signups, and get more clients, it often seems like the more you blog, the better. But there are plenty of reasons why more isn’t always better when it comes to blogging. Your blog has no focus Writing a bunch of 500-word blog posts that have no purpose other than SEO won’t help […]

Jamaican Noni Juice – Wonder Drink

As a proud Jamaican, I find it difficult to admit that Jamaican Noni Juice is no different from all other varieties of Noni juice processed in other parts of the world. It is harvested from the same tree (scientific name Morinda Citrifolia) known in various places as morinda, Indian mulberry, and Noni cheese fruit, among others. The Noni tree is […]

How cardiovascular exercise helps you lose weight

Some form of cardiovascular exercise is a must if you want to lose weight. These activities involve running, jumping and even dancing. In other words, any exercise that gets your heart pumping. Many people take aerobics classes for cardiovascular exercise. Aerobic exercises generally involve exercising to music in a coordinated manner, almost like dancing. Aerobic exercises became popular in the […]

ThreeLac Candida Defense – How effective is this?

Threelac Candida Defense has been receiving positive reviews from yeast infection sufferers. But is this a magic cure? Is Threelac candida defense number one? The big no in Threelac treatment ThreeLac Candida Defense patrons are advised to stay away from the candida diet; a strict diet that eliminates all forms of sugar and leavened breads to prevent the growth of […]

Interesting Moles Facts: Feeding, Digging Behavior, Habitat, and Breeding Season

The family Talpidae includes moles, shrew moles, and desmans, all of which are confined to northern North America and Eurasia. These predominantly burrowing insectivores (29 species in 12 genera) are very secretive and, due to their way of life, have generally been poorly studied. The species that, to date, has received the most attention from naturalists and biologists alike is […]