Maple Cabinets For Your Kitchen

If you are considering updating your old cabinets in your kitchen, you may first be thinking about the finish you like best. You understandably want to start here, as it’s the most fun part of the buying process. However, if you were to start there, you may end up with kitchen cabinets that are not made to the highest standards […]

Popular and Spectacular Modular Kitchens

Cooking has become a pleasant experience with the advent of modular kitchens. These kitchens have transformed the entire decoration of a home with their incredible designs and styles. Nowadays, these become so popular that most of the people prefer to install them in their homes, regardless of their prices. The dual benefits of style and comfort have increased its claims. […]

How to install a breakfast bar

In the modern world, a kitchen is incomplete without a slab or breakfast bar. These bars can easily be seen in luxury homes, and it is very obvious that we think of them and have one for our kitchen as well. Apart from their attractive appearance, they are extremely functional in modern kitchens. A breakfast bar is usually pretty basic […]

What is the best wood to use for stairs?

A new wooden staircase can transform your hallway and give your entire property a lift. Even replacing the handrail will make a world of difference to the appearance of your home, and of course, it’s much faster and cheaper than installing an entire set of stairs. However, choosing which materials to use is not always easy. We take a look […]

Epoxy floor vs. urethane mortar floor for food and beverage facilities

Urethane Mortar Floors (a/k/a cementitious urethane floors gold urethane cement floors) stand out over epoxy floor systems in food and beverage plants for many reasons; This USDA-accepted flooring material reduces downtime, is durable in harsh environments with thermal shock, and resists high impact and damaging chemicals. For new construction, urethane concretes can be applied to 10-day concrete, thus eliminating the […]

Low Cost Interior Design and Decorating Tips

Thinking of renovating your home or office, but worried about the cost of interior design and decoration? Think you can’t afford to spend a lot on interior design but want a classy makeover for your room? You don’t have to be upset that you don’t have a lot of money to spend on your decoration, because you can do a […]

How durable are laminate cabinet doors?

Although laminate cabinet doors are just about the cheapest selection for your closets, they are far from the lowest quality. Speaking from a durability point of view, I believe that high pressure plastic laminated doors are the most durable of all. I have now been in the kitchen cabinet manufacturing business for many years and have owned several companies related […]

Home Staging Guide – Back to Basics

As a certified home stager, people often ask me how they can best prepare their home to sell in today’s slow real estate market. My answer is simple. Go back to the basic principles of good design to create multiple, memorable, ‘first impressions’! Today’s prospective homebuyer is smarter than ever. Statistics show that 85% of people first search MLS listings […]

Success Tips Business Owners Should Learn From IKEA

IKEA’s history goes back more than 60 years. IKEA founding father Ingvar Kamprad is worth $78.1 billion today. Even though he is so rich, it is rumored that he still buys second-hand clothes, which may be true, since he grew up poor. However, he has developed a way of displaying and displaying products that provide a better consumer experience. IKEA […]