Pokemon go

Pokemon Go is not new news. It has become one of the highest rated and most popular games in the world. What is really this madness and longing for Pokémon Go? The popular Pokémon created by Nintendo that rose to fame in the late 90s, has revived the gaming world with its latest version of GO and is taking the […]

The history and purpose of toys

Since the beginning of time, mothers have been trying to find ways to occupy their children. So it’s no wonder that toys have been around since the beginning of time. Children’s natural joy and curiosity make toys a natural progression. For example, a child’s imagination can figure out how to make a game and play with anything. A child can […]

7 Restaurant City Tools That Will Help Build An Incredibly Successful Restaurant

Restaurant City is a popular game on Facebook in which participants collect ingredients to prepare various dishes in order to build a highly successful restaurant. There are currently 28 Restaurant City tools that can be used to make the game easier. Here is a brief synopsis of some of these tools, including what they can be used for. Restaurant City […]