Education and Islam

Islam is the religion of peace, and it is one of the most sacred and trusted religions, which has given us guidance in all aspects of life. Islam has given us an education with a knowledge that has no limits. The Holy Quran is the holiest book of Allah revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW), for uplifting guidance and enriched messages […]

Silicone Baking Mats – A Safe and Effective Non-Stick Cooking Solution?

Turn on the television any day of the week and soon you’ll be meeting professional and amateur chefs from around the world grinding, stirring and seasoning rating winners like America’s Test Kitchen, The Great British Bake Off and MasterChef: Australia. Interest in cooking has exploded and, as a result, sales of kitchenware. Silicone products, in particular, have seen a great […]

An Ebay auction business with a twist

Who would have thought eBay would become such a household name? eBay is not only the largest auction site, but also the largest market in the world and its global presence is unrivaled on any other website. eBay managed to build a reputation around the world as the place to go to find what you are looking for. Regardless of […]

How to run your business on the go

Whether it’s keeping track of work, assigning tasks, checking your business mail, or just replying to clients, it can all be done from your phone. In fact, almost anything can be done online, via your phone today. Yes, it is that simple. But don’t rush home or rush to your next vacation destination just yet! We need to establish how […]

A history of sandblasting, 1870 – present

The idea behind sandblasting is to use mechanics to speed up the weathering process of nature. Instead of waiting for the winds to blow sand away until smooth rocks and mountains begin to take shape from materials deposited from one surface to another, Benjamin Tilghman developed his own machine in 1870 to remove the painted and rusty surfaces of materials […]