Concrete Vs Pavers

Poured concrete is the most common material used for outdoor spaces and offers the advantage of a durable surface with many design options to fit any landscape. Pavers are individual pieces that can have an interlocking or square-edged design and can be made from different materials, such as precast concrete, brick, stone slabs, or pavers. Pavers are used as an […]

Are you tired of tenants, bathrooms and garbage?

Wouldn’t you rather go to Tahiti? Are you a homeowner with a rental property whose value has appreciated significantly? Are you ready to cash in those winnings and take that trip to Tahiti? Before selling your property, check with your accountant will tell you that you will pay $60,000 in principal Income Tax to Uncle Sam. His accountant will also […]

How to buy real estate below market value

Clearly it takes time, work and ability to get an amazing deal for the land. Obviously, getting a profitable deal is one of the tasks of the entire business. But here we will tell you how to make a profit when buying property. Obviously, doing this requires research, skillful trading, and total dedication; however, if one follows the techniques given […]

Condos Vs Apartments

Although technically the main difference between an apartment and a condo is legal, in dozens of communities around the world there are clear differences. In this article we will briefly define each and then explain these differences. Although they tend to look the same, an apartment is a private unit in a building that is rented and generally does not […]

Explanation of real estate statistics

Basic Real Estate Statistics Explained Let’s define some of the basic real estate statistics that are released regularly. For this, we will use a real estate market, located in Hood County, Texas. Even more granular, we will use the single-family numbers for homes in Granbury Tx, a small town of about 8,000 residents that has seen substantial real estate growth […]