Lost Your Pet – To Do List

Listening to my brother-in-law’s voicemail, on our cell phone, my stomach dropped and my mouth suddenly went dry. We had just finished a glorious morning of hiking with some good friends in the California desert. After walking around, we had treated ourselves to some delicious Mexican food, including fresh salsa, real guacamole, and some ice cold beer. Now, I was […]

Homemade Dog Food Recipes For Gastrointestinal Problems

Homemade Dog Food Recipes A good homemade dog food recipe should contain ingredients that are easily digestible and have the right balance of nutrients. If you are interested in making your pet’s food at home, you should talk to your veterinarian before you start. They can give you advice on how to prepare homemade dog food and help you find […]

Let the radiant barrier keep your dogs warm

You may already know that radiant barrier is a very efficient way to maximize your energy dollars by keeping warm air inside your home during the winter and preventing hot air from entering your home during the summer. The magic is in the 99% aluminum film that covers a woven polyester mesh liner. Radiant barrier works in conjunction with your […]

All about the American School of Dog Training

When it comes to dog training, there are two different types of training methods that are very popular. These methods are inductive training and conductive training. Inductive training refers to positive praise of the desired behavior, and the only negative reinforcement is to maintain that praise. A more aggressive approach is conducive, where force and/or negative verbal abuse is used […]

The Calm Freeze – Dog Listening Training

The Dog Listener training system is based on providing leadership to your dog. If the dog sees you as the leader, then he is relieved of those duties. In the dog’s eyes, someone has to be the pack leader, the dog or you. The calm freeze is a way of taking control of a situation and telling your dog that […]

Dog Training Techniques (Get Real Tips)

There are several dog training techniques out there, but it’s hard to find which one will work best for you and your pet. Insurance! Most of the techniques will work if done correctly, but you need to find one that is comfortable for you. One technique you may have heard of is clicker training. What the heck is Clicker Training? […]

Tips to stop barking dogs

Dog barking disorders cause serious concussions to dog owners and their neighbors. A non-stop barking dog will be an absolute nuisance to anyone living around it. If you are not careful, as a dog owner, you could be subject to noise ordinance violations that will cost you money and you could even lose your dog. The good news is that […]

Where can I get a custom leather dog harness?

If you are a dog lover and you are proud of your dog and love him as a pet deserves to be treated with love, then you will want to gift your pet with the best gifts available in your budget. Tailored leather accessories for your pet are becoming more and more popular like the food it devours and the […]

Treating a bee sting on a dog

Dogs are curious, anything that moves in their vicinity will be explored. Additionally, dogs use their mouths and noses to examine the moving things in their world. This is a recipe for your dog to run and howl at you with a bee stinger attached to it somewhere. Bee stings on dogs are common. This shouldn’t be something to worry […]