Pros and cons of electric dog collars

Electric dog collars, also known as shock collars or remote training collars, are very popular with pet enthusiasts around the world. These collars are primarily used to train dogs to stay inside a property. With it, dogs learn to observe limits and limitations based on the installed borders. Putting an end to excessive barking is also solved with the help […]

Trespassing of a repeat offender or puppy

The break-in leads the pack in terms of being the topic I get the most questions about, hands down. The key is to really make sure you stick to a consistent plan. Consistency will make housebreaking your dog or puppy as simple as possible. However, breaking and entering remains difficult. And it’s not something you’re going to achieve overnight, not […]

Siamese cat behavior: gloriously mischievous?

Disney was obviously suspicious of the behavior of Siamese cats! The mischievous, mean Siamese twins from Lady and the Tramp aren’t the most likable characters. And remember the elusive Siamese cat warrior enemy in TS Eliot’s Old Possum Book of Practical Cats? However, don’t let that put you off. These cartoons say more about the political concerns of their time […]

How to stop a dachshund from chewing

The first is the first; Chewing is a natural behavior for dachshunds, especially puppies. Dachshund chewing isn’t something you can stop, all you can do is redirect the chewing to an acceptable item, providing enough toys and interesting activities that your Dachshund doesn’t want to destroy his stuff. Should you stop chewing on your dachshund puppy? When a dachshund is […]

Great Ways to Use Essential Oils for Your Dog

Here are some simple ways to prevent health problems for your dog. Young Living essential oil products are natural ways to promote health, naturally prevent pests, and help stop tooth decay. Please note that not all essential oil brands are processed to Young Living standards, and if you use other brands you may not receive the benefits and may be […]

The chariot dog, the Dalmatian

Since the movie about the 101 Dalmatians, this spectacular spotted dog has gained popularity. However, the story of the Dalmatian goes beyond that of the film. It is also known as a “wagon dog” or a “fire station dog”. Before the “horseless carriage,” horses were used to pull fire trucks, and the dog became a common sight at US Fire […]

Top 3 Reasons Cats Make Better Pets Than Dogs

It can be a difficult decision to choose between a cat and a dog as a pet. They are both furry and cuddly, yet they are two very different creatures. Cats have adorable traits such as the way they care for themselves, how they manage to stay clean, and their cute antics that make them a wonderful family pet. Cats […]