Some Thoughts on the Roswell UFO Incident (July 1947): Part Two

Roswell and alternative explanations In the Executive Summary of the USAF document “The Roswell Report: Fact Vs Fiction in the New Mexico Desert” (1995), the document that attempted (but failed) to establish a Project Mogul balloon train as the most likely explanation for Roswell, most probably since they even stated outright that they couldn’t prove Project Mogul was the damning […]

Traps of the Central Bank and We, the Revenue Units

“Unfortunately, no one can be told what the Matrix is. You have to see for yourself.” ~Morpheus in the movie Matrix The Oxford English Dictionary defines “cheating” as “legal trickery, trickery, abuse of legal forms; the use of subterfuge and deceit in debate or action; subtlety, sophistry, trickery.” You don’t need to read any further than “legal trickery” to understand […]

The 3 best lures to catch a bass

In the opinion of this angler, the 3 best lures to catch a bass are: 1. Faux Mullet 2. Weed less buckets 3. Spinning baits The imitation mullet lure is by far the best lure for catching a bass. The other lures mentioned are very far second and third choices. Mullet lures come in many sizes and shapes, but the […]

Important elements of digital marketing

For your business to succeed in the modern world, it is crucial to have a strong online presence on the World Wide Web. Therefore, when a company is planning its marketing campaigns, it must integrate a solid digital marketing strategy. Without a plan in place for digital marketing, important aspects of the business such as branding, customer acquisition, customer retention, […]

How to spot a fraudulent workers’ compensation claim

After filing a workers’ compensation insurance claim for a shoulder injury sustained while working for the federal postal service, the benefit recipient was seen working as a massage therapist. This led to felony charges related to fraud. An ‘injured’ entertainer was seen dancing in a popular television commercial while collecting an excess of fifty thousand dollars in workers’ compensation payments […]

Landlord Advice – Information For New Leaseholders

Landlord Advice If you’re a landlord, it’s important that you provide your tenants with information about their rights and responsibilities before they sign a lease. This can help you avoid problems down the road, and it may also save you money in the long run. There are many different kinds of Leasehold Service Startup, ranging from short, fixed-term contracts to […]

How it is beneficial to use online fax services

Faxing has changed dramatically with the advent of the Internet. With the web fax service, all you need is to attach the required document to an email and send it to your fax provider. Most Internet fax service providers use the best online fax technology with filters that can filter your attachments and convert them into a file that can […]

What is a real estate note?

Take out your wallet and you will find a lot of notes. Each bill is actually a Federal Reserve note, and they have printed on them, “This note is legal tender for all debts, public and private.” So, a Promissory Note can be something as simple as a small piece of paper that promises to pay you a certain amount, […]