Weight loss is a pain in the ass!

From what I learned, there is a lot about “weight loss”. First is 80% Diet and 20% Exercise, which I thought was full of garbage from the beginning because I imagine that if you get your body moving constantly, you will not have to worry about the food you are eating. WRONG! I’m a foodie, so I figured my training […]

Save Your Small Business: 10 Crucial Strategies To Survive Through Tough Times Or Close And Move On

If ever there was a timely business book, “Save Your Small Business: 10 Crucial Strategies for Surviving Tough Times or Closing and Moving Forward” by Ralph Warner and Bethany K. Laurence it certainly is. Touted as a roadmap for small business survival, Warner and Laurence provide simple, sensible steps that can make a big difference in managing, saving, or, if […]

A brief history of the American felony homicide rule

THE PENNSYLVANIA MURDER RATING STATUS After our American independence, several of the new states initiated legislative reforms to codify the crime of murder. One of the first states to do so was Pennsylvania. In 1794, that state enacted a homicide grade statute that divided murder into capital murder in the first degree and murder in the second degree. The Pennsylvania […]

Fight yeast infection naturally

Candidiasis or the overgrowth of the Candida fungus is a common problem for women. If you have this infection, you know the difficulty of experiencing itching and burning around your genitals. Worse, the infection keeps coming back, causing you more pain and discomfort. Seek medical help to alleviate your suffering, and at the same time, you have the option to […]

How to calculate daily, weekly and monthly rent

It’s common for tenants to be faced with a myriad of different pricing metrics when searching for an apartment. Landlords, agencies, and sub-charts offer weekly, monthly, biweekly, and sometimes even daily rental prices. This is confused by the fact that rentals can be charged based on different time periods, such as monthly (per calendar month) or every 4 weeks. It’s […]

Kinect fitness games

As you may already know, the new Kinect add-on for the new Xbox 360 is about to launch this fall and will bring a wave of change to the gaming world. Kinect will allow you to interact with games without using a controller because it has a sensor camera that can recognize your movements and your voice using intelligent voice […]

Whose line is this anyway?

From time to time parents ask me for help in disciplining their children. It is a different age than when many of us were children and yesterday’s discipline techniques don’t work today. Many of them anyway. I have a great discipline assignment with a touch of NLP that makes it easy for you and useful for your child. Let’s have […]

Balance your work, family and social life

Balance your work, family and social life By Gene Griessman, PhD   Many of us have an image of personal balance as a set of scales in perfect balance every day. But that’s an unrealistic goal. You will be very frustrated if you try to allocate a predetermined portion of time each day for work, family, and your social life. […]

Advantages of Outsourcing Photoshop Image Editing

Editing and enhancing photos is one of the most important parts of any post-processing unit. How and why are they necessary is a question that arises on multiple occasions? The answer to the question is quite simple! Any photographer, regardless of his skill in the field of photography, will need a backup, as situations of various kinds can happen to […]