New Moon St. Mark’s Day: is it real?

In the film New moon from the twilight saga, Bella arrives in Volterra, Italy just in time to stop Edward from revealing himself as a vampire to a crowd of mortals at the Saint Mark’s Day festival on March 19. Festival-goers, dressed in red hooded robes, march in a procession with a statue of Saint Mark to the church in […]

US Education Sector: A Closer Look

The United States prides itself on having one of the leading nations with the most effective and functional educational systems. The United States has been constantly working to improve the nation’s education-related initiatives. The government has consolidated programs that not only offer federal loans, but also include academic scholarships for eligible academics seeking to continue their studies and earn a […]

The good, the bad and the ugly of binaural beats

Binaural beats are a form of brainwave entrainment that has good, bad, and ugly components that need to be considered when deciding on a entrainment process. They’ve been around since 1839, discovered by physicist Heinrich Wilhelm Dove, but they didn’t become popular with ordinary people until the early 1970s. Scientist Gerald Oster discovered that binaural beats, when fed into the […]

Top 5 Apps for Social Media Marketing

Every online marketer recognizes the power of social forums. It can make or break a business. But with so many social media channels, how do you take advantage of these platforms? Whether you’re a fan of Apple, Android, or Windows, there are plenty of apps with different features that can help you organize multiple accounts. Plus, these apps are smart […]