An Examination of Tito and Yugoslavia

“Achievement makes the man, not the man makes the achievement,” says Milovan Djilas in his biography of Tito written shortly after the latter’s death in May 1980. At the time of his death, more than 122 representatives from around the The world gathered to pay tribute to him. This contrasts with today where there was hardly any commemoration of the […]

Top tech influencers on YouTube

YouTube has evolved far beyond being a website for videos and audio. Now, it is a place where people share moments of their lives. Below is a list of the top tech influencers identified on YouTube. Most of these YouTube Influencers are more interested in PC and mobile hardware components. unpacking therapy Lewis Hilsenteger, a tech critic, shows off some […]

The Advantages of Employing CPA Accounting Services in Business Firms

Having a well-planned accounting system will help entrepreneurs see the real economy. This is because the numbers generated by accounting reports are indications of how well the business is doing. Most small businesses buy accounting software that is tailored to their business and will do the accounting for them. However, these softwares will not be able to classify and summarize […]

Kitchen decoration accessories par excellence

The modern kitchen is much more than a room that houses the home; today the space is an area par excellence of your home where the whole family gathers around a hearty meal and a warm conversation. Therefore, it is not surprising that a person looking for kitchen decorating ideas will come across a plethora of themes and accessories in […]

Tailgating vs. Trunking

So you, your spouse or partner, and another couple are off to the big game where everyone must have a good time. Everyone got up early to pack up all the necessities and put them in their SUV or van. His friends have their awkward backyard barbecue grill strapped to the bed of their two-seater pickup truck to effectively withstand […]

Checklist of basic immigration documents to have on hand

Most people find the process of preparing their immigration law case very difficult and, at best, stressful. To help make the situation a little less stressful, I have created a basic checklist of immigration-related documents that any experienced immigration law attorney will ask you for when starting your immigration case. This basic document checklist should also be used by people […]