Reading from a considerate teleprompter

Well, teleprompters are definitely all the rage right now, especially since our famous President Barack Obama has shown us how powerful a teleprompter reading right can be to build a brand, in his case a political brand. Interestingly, reading a teleprompter is not as easy as you might think. This is simply because we are not all wise and are […]

Intuition Warnings: The 7 Intuitive Senses Use 33 Strategies to Reduce Stress and Increase Safety

Everyone has intuition, an inherent ability to obtain extended information about people, places, things, and situations, without using logic, the physical senses, or prior knowledge. At different times in your life, your intuition whispers and shouts warnings about harmful actions and dangerous events, through seven intuitive senses: Intuitive vision is the ability to see images that blink, stop, or rotate […]

Try this technique to stay in the zone or the present moment at the golf pitch

“All great contests at some point become mind games. It doesn’t matter if it’s politics and elections, military campaigns or sporting events, in the end it’s about keeping your head and heart for the fight.” Bill Clinton speaking to the media after watching the United States soccer team win their group at the 2010 Soccer World Cup in South Africa. […]

The rise and fall of Twitter, part 2

In Part 1, I discussed how Twitter’s core role had changed (or evolved based on your point of view) from a social media site to a source for streaming comments and links designed to sell, bookmark, promote, and gain followers. So, after reading the above article, you have either raised your hands in the air to decide that Twitter is […]

Chronicles of Madness – Episode 44

In our 44th episode of Madness Chronicles, we will see the insanity of utter hypocrisy on the left. Remember, insanity is a state of mental illness, gross and extremely foolish behavior, and a frenzied or chaotic form of activity. Let’s take a look at the hypocrisy on the left. The House in Congress voted once again to impeach President Donald […]

A little light on unicorns

Many years ago a young man told me that as a child he and his sister had seen a unicorn while playing in the forest. Their families were skeptical and their friends laughed, but nothing could shake their conviction of what they had seen or the incredible joy they had felt. He said it had deeply affected his life. I […]