Piano Lessons For Adults Near Me

Piano Lessons For Adults Finding Piano Lessons For Adults near me can be a difficult task, but there are many options. If you’ve always had a love of music, now may be the perfect time to rekindle that passion. Adults who take up piano lessons are able to learn music in a way that children cannot, and they are likely […]

Derren Brown vs. David Blaine

On Friday 11th September 2009 a special 2 hour magic was shown on Channel 4 in the UK. First it was Derren Brown explaining how he predicted the lottery and this was followed by David Blaine performing What Is Magic. The next day a new topic of conversation was born: Who is the better magician David Blaine or Derren Brown? […]

Millennials engagement ring purchases

It’s no secret that Millennials are “starting” later in life than all the generations that came before them. From starting their careers, to moving house, to engagements and marriages; Most of life’s major milestones occur well into your 30s. How does this affect the process of buying an engagement ring? Traditionally, the man meets the woman, falls in love with […]

Fede Galizia: An Italian Renaissance Artist of Still Life, Portrait and Miniature Merit

The Italian Renaissance painter Fede Gallizi, also known as Fede Galizia (1578-1630), is often considered the pioneer of the Still Life style. Her father Nunzio Galizia (1573-95), a miniaturist, named her Fede (Italian, meaning faith) and trained her. At the age of twelve, he received praise from the prominent painter Gian Paolo Lomazzo (1538-92) for the imitations he had created. […]