Simple Steps to Make a Cartoon Marzipan Baby

A great family activity to welcome a new baby is to bake a cake together and celebrate their arrival. Top your cake with this cute baby, or multiple babies. This is also a great gift to bring new parents to the hospital. Marzipan is a delicious delicacy!

To make a marzipan baby, you will need:


Food coloring:

– black for pupils

– select the color of the baby’s clothes

– select baby’s skin color

Gum paste for eyes, if desired

Wax paper

Glue wax paper to your work surface for easy cleaning.

Knead the marzipan until it is flexible. Add food coloring. In this example, we will use blue. To form the baby’s body, create a blue three-dimensional teardrop shape. Let the tear rest on the waxed paper. In the wide part of the tear, lift the marzipan to the sky. This will be the baby’s torso. The point will be the tip of the baby’s blanket.

With blue marzipan, roll out two cylinders. Attach to the side of the baby’s torso to form arms.

Next, make baby’s hands by rolling out several balls of dough. Use one medium-sized flattened ball for the hand and five small balls for the fingers. Make the thumb a little bigger. Attach to the lower arms.

For the baby’s head, spread out a medium-sized ball and place it on top of the torso.

Using the baby’s color for the clothes, make the pacifier by rolling out a small ball of dough and then flattening it out. Put it in the baby’s mouth. Then roll out another small marzipan ball and glue it to the flat piece of the pacifier in the center.

To make a nose, roll out a small ball of dough and glue it over the pacifier. Cartoon baby doesn’t need a nose … if you want to skip it, skip this step.

For his eyes, you have several options. One option is to avoid having a white part of the eyes and simply add two small, flat, black circular pieces of dough on top of the pacifier.

Another option is to use marzipan for the whites of the eyes. Place two flat, circular pieces of marzipan above the nose. Next, place two flat, circular pieces of black marzipan on top of the others as pupils.

Note that marzipan is a light almond color and not true white. If you want to use something to brighten your eyes, try gum paste for eyes instead of marzipan. If you use gum paste for the eyes, remove them before eating the figurine. Gumpaste looks a lot better than it tastes.

Using your hands, roll out a medium-sized ball of dough to form the beginning of the baby’s hat. Flatten the dough and place it on top of the baby’s head.

To form a tassel, roll out a small ball of dough and add on top of the hat.

Once your baby is complete, add it to the top of the cake. Or make several marzipan babies to put in a gift box and take as gifts to expectant parents. Marzipan tastes wonderful and makes a wonderful gift for children!

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