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Mad About You (DVD) Review

Nominated for 45 Emmy Awards and winner of 16 during its eight years on NBC, Mad About You became an instant big hit with viewers, in large part due to its Seinfeldian depictions of married life in the big city. Sporting a catchy piano-laden theme song, the series showcased the unique comedic talents of co-creator and co-star Paul Reiser, who sought to produce a show that told the true story of married life (he would later publish the best-selling book Couplehood, a compilation of various anecdotes about relationships) …

Mad About You follows the lives of newlywed couple Paul (Paul Reiser) and Jamie Buchman (Helen Hunt), two urban professionals who share an apartment in New York City. Although they are completely in love, the two seem to be almost totally opposite. Paul, a documentary filmmaker, is extremely meticulous, cautious, and careful. Jamie, on the other hand, is a public relations expert with a more free-spirited view of life. With several friends and family always in the picture: Jamie’s sister Lisa (Anne Ramsay), Paul’s cousin Ira (John Pankow), and friends Mark (Richard Kind) and Fran (Leila Kenzle), Paul and Jamie they are constantly bombarded with work. -related stress, the strange antics of your friends and the discovery of the individual quirks and habits of others. And it’s a recipe that translates into great sitcom entertainment …

The Mad About You DVD includes a number of hilarious episodes, including the “Romantic Improvisations” season premiere, in which, after just five months of marriage, Jamie informs Paul that their sex life is not what it used to be. To rectify the situation, Paul comes home early from work intending to plan a romantic evening, but it all falls apart when the two discover that both of them thought the other had canceled their scheduled dinner plans with friends … Other notable episodes They include “Out of the Past” in which Paul invites Jamie to a personal meeting with his ex-girlfriend, and “Token Friend” in which Paul avoids the subway when he discovers that an old friend from film school is now an employee. symbolic at the local station. .

Below is a list of episodes included on the Mad About You (Season 1) DVD:

Episode 1 (Romantic Improvisations) Air Date: 09/23/1992

Episode 2 (Sofa’s Choice) Air date: 09/30/1992

Episode 3 (Sunday Times) Air date: 07-10-1992

Episode 4 (From the past) Air date: 10/14/1992

Episode 5 (Paul in the Family) Air Date: 10/21/1992

Episode 6 (I’m so happy for you) Air date: 10/28/1992

Episode 7 (Token Friend) Air date: 11-04-1992

Episode 8 (The Apartment) Air date: 11-11-1992

Episode 9 (Riding Upside Down) Air Date: 11/18/1992

Episode 10 (Neighbors from Hell) Air Date: 09/12/1992

Episode 11 (I Met Someone) Air Date: 12/16/1992

Episode 12 (Maid About You) Air date: 06-01-1993

Episode 13 (Union) Air date: 01-13-1993

Episode 14 (weekend getaway) Air date: 01/27/1993

Episode 15 (The Wedding Affair) Air date: 02-06-1993

Episode 16 (Love between the tiles) Air date: 02/13/1993

Episode 17 (The Billionaire) Air date: 02-20-1993

Episode 18 (The Man Who Said Hello) Air Date: 02/27/1993

Episode 19 (Sweep) Air date: 05-01-1993

Episode 20 (The Spy Who Loved Me) Air date: 08-05-1993

Episode 21 (The Painter) Air date: 05/15/1993

Episode 22 (Happy Anniversary) Air Date: 05/22/1993

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