Legal Conferences You Shouldn’t Miss

Legal industry events are of great importance to the legal community to network and stay up to date on new laws that have come into force around the world. These events also provide lawyers with the opportunity to develop long-term business relationships around the world. Let’s take a look at some of the important legal conferences for lawyers that you […]

I write the book on cold calling!

“If you put enough monkeys on typewriters,” said one of my consulting clients in a seminar with me, “sooner or later one of them will come up with WAR AND PEACE.” I was predicting that with so many people doing phone sales, telemarketing, lead generation, appointment setting, telesales, phone solicitations, inside sales, or whatever you want to call it; at […]

What Is a Transfer Lawyer?

Transfer Lawyer A transfer attorney helps clients understand the legal ramifications of various types of property transfers and how to protect their interests. This includes helping buyers and sellers prepare and file real estate documents such as deeds, affidavits and liens. Moreover, these attorneys can advise you on whether your transfer would violate a mortgage clause known as a “Due […]

Marketing Jobs: How To Get Started In Entry-Level Marketing Jobs

Entry-level marketing jobs typically stack up with recent college grads. Graduates typically have an internship from somewhere that gives them work experience as an intern in fields such as the public and private sectors, nonprofits, or government. The work experience adds substantially to the profile of an intern so that they feel the field work correctly and acquire computer techniques […]

Understanding Legal Issues Related to Franchises

Choosing to buy a franchise instead of starting your own business can have many advantages, and the franchisor that handles certain things can certainly simplify your operation. On the other hand, it can also be considerably more complicated in some ways, one of which is the tangle of legal issues involved in buying a franchise. Many sources strongly recommend that […]

Three Basic Asset Protection Techniques

In this depressed economy, every dollar you earn and every asset you own is at risk. Vultures in the form of creditors and litigants are salivating at the thought of a successful individual having their assets unprotected. If he’s making money, he currently has a bullseye on his back. The only way to protect what he has earned from those […]