Arc The Lad 3 Review – Is Arc The Lad 3 Better Than Arc The Lad 2?

Arc the Lad 2 may have overshadowed Arc the Lad 3 being so cool and all, but that doesn’t necessarily mean Arc The Lad 3 is a bad game. Being the last in the original Arc The Lad series, the improvement that has been made to the game is at its peak, including the improvement in the visual department. But the real question is; Is Arc The Lad 3 better than Arc the Lad 2?

The game takes place after the “Great Disaster” that happened in Arc the Lad 2 with the world in a less chaotic state than before. That said, the game no longer has the element of fighting for a great cause. While Arc and Elc were on a journey to destroy a powerful monster that threatens the destruction of the world, Arc The Lad 3 is set in a peaceful world state with no great cause in the hero’s journey except traversing the entire world. and find problems. You will play a character named Alec who dreams of becoming a Hunter, a profession title for a bounty hunter, after being saved from the Great Disaster by a Hunter who has aspired him. His friend, Lutz, who serves as the game’s comic relief, follows him on his journey to become a great hunter.

Fans will be delighted to know that Arc The Lad 2’s monster capture feature is back in the game with a much better change. The character Teo has the ability to turn monsters into cards and summons them at will during battle without occupying the party slots unlike Arc The Lad 2 which is highly preferred as the monsters are not strong enough to replace the human characters. The game looks like an improved version of Arc The Lad 2, somehow it fixes some of the issues, but no significant changes. In fact, there are some flaws in the gameplay compared to Arc The Lad 2. For example, the limitation on the number of characters you can put into battle has been drastically reduced to just 4 characters and the enemies that you will encounter will come in their mostly in small quantities. that are relatively easy to overcome. The gameplay of Arc The Lad has outlived the gaming industry and attracts many players due to the many interesting characters in battle and the large number of enemies that are challenging, both present in the second series, but absent in the third.

However, being the last in the series there are gameplay improvements. Character animation when casting skills and spells looks more graceful and fluid than before. It is also possible to move between characters, allowing players more freedom to develop a strategy. But the biggest disappointment of the game is that the enemy can move through your characters, which is a stupid move on the part of the developer. This alone has abolished much of the fun in the game unable to perform a classic tactical strategy, such as protecting weak characters and surrounding an enemy.

The game’s journey is very long and gives you the adventure of a lifetime. However, due to the absence of a great cause in the story and gameplay that may not entertain you in the long run, some of you may not make it to the end with this game. The story is really good, with the characters thrown in varied situations, but it is clear that this game is for people who enjoy games that are about adventures without a great cause, knowing all the recurring characters from the previous series of Arc The The D. by the way. You could say that Arc The Lad 3 is like an anniversary edition. One that fans would enjoy rather than casual gamers.

Overall, of course, Arc The Lad 2 is the best in the series. However, in some ways Arc The Lad 3 is better. A long journey that is not about saving the world or any noble act could be what fans are looking for after playing in the chaotic state of the world of Arc The Lad 1 and 2. Recurring characters from the previous series is also what makes this game worthwhile.

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