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3 types of hotels in Barbados to help you relax like you should

The mere mention of Barbados for a Caribbean island getaway has you daydreaming and floating at the thought of shimmering seas, sheets of clear blue skies and flawless sunsets that have you dancing to the island beat. To most, it seems like the perfect island vacation destination to relax, enjoy and have fun away from the hustle and bustle of the Western world.

Of course, as with all vacations, you should plan your itinerary to have a smooth, hassle-free, and worry-free vacation. Accommodation is one of the many things you need to plan ahead as you never know if the hotel you want to stay at is already full and you end up scouring different beaches and coastlines in Barbados to find an alternative hotel to settle.

There are many hotels in Barbados that you can choose from depending on the type of hotel you would like to stay in and the vacation you want to enjoy. These are some of the types of hotels and resorts you’ll come across as you search for the perfect accommodation to enjoy the beauty of this island.

Luxury hotels

As small as the island may seem, you will find an abundance of luxury Barbados hotels to choose from. If you want to pamper yourself to the max, these are the types of hotels to stay at. These hotels are packed with amenities with world-class rooms and treat you like royalty.

One of the many popular luxury hotels you will find there is shoemakers cove. This luxury hotel exudes classic English elegance and sophistication but with a Caribbean twist. The entire hotel has 40 suites located in 10 cabins, with each suite adorned in its traditional fabrics in tropical colors and filled with handmade furniture. The hotel also has a restaurant on the terrace overlooking the Caribbean Sea, which allows you to get a complete and exclusive view of the sunset.

beach hotels

If the vast Caribbean Sea is what you are looking for on your vacation, there are a variety of Barbados hotels that you will find along the beaches of the island’s coastline that invite you to stay. Beach hotels in Barbados are perfect if you want to enjoy the blue waters of the Caribbean Sea while providing amenities and services that familiarize you with the sea.

treasure beach It is one of these hotels that you can choose to stay at. It is located on one of the most stunning sandy beaches on the west coast of Barbados and houses 35 suites, all of which are guaranteed luxurious. The hotel is also surrounded by a lush tropical forest to help you enjoy the Caribbean atmosphere even more.

Intimate Boutique Hotels

If you just want a more romantic getaway and relax on the island in peace and quiet, there are some small adults-only Barbados hotels that let you experience this. Although in fewer numbers than the other hotel types, intimate boutique hotels are found throughout the island, some even inland, allowing you to find your inner peace.

Home It’s one of these types of hotels, a chic and quiet retreat for adults only, offering a complimentary jet lag recovery massage in a beach cabana for guests. There are junior or one-bedroom suites that will make you feel at peace and comfortable.

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