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Using wooden medicine cabinets to add a more traditional look to your bathroom

Most bathrooms have simple medicine cabinets that are there for their main purpose: storage. However, by choosing a beautiful and intricate cabinet material that is not plastic, metal or glass, you can create not only a wonderful storage area, but also a beautiful and functional piece of art in your bathroom space.

By choosing wooden medicine cabinets for your bathroom, you are making a great choice. Most of these are designed to be durable and long-lasting through the years, and they look beautiful while doing their job. They can be the perfect focus for the room and match the decor of any room with simplicity.

These cabinets can have many different appearances, depending on the frame and design of the cabinet. With a few different knobs, hinges, or tile ideas, you can make one look drastically different from the next. Add a mirror to the front to allow your cabinet to double as a place to apply makeup, or stain an unfinished wooden medicine cabinet any color to your liking. Decorative details like engraving or carved corners can make a simple wooden cabinet look divine. Use your creativity and make your cabinet a work of art!

In addition to the look, you will also want to think about its functionality in the room. If your bathroom is large enough, a simple wall-mounted medicine cabinet will suffice, as space is not a big issue. On the other hand, if your room is pressed for storage areas, you’ll want to consider a built-in wooden medicine cabinet. These cabinets sit on the wall between the frame studs and create a uniform appearance on the outside of the cabinet door. This is perfect in a bathroom where space is a hot commodity.

Regardless of the material of the medicine cabinets you choose for your own bathroom, or the design you choose, be it traditional, country or modern, be sure to take your time and research while deciding on a cabinet. It may seem like such a basic and boring storage area, but by choosing wisely, you can make it the center of attention in any bathroom!

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