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There are many people without long-term jobs in the UK.. Although there are many recruitment agencies and firms that offer free services to job seekers, and government agencies like Jobseeker Plus offer training and help, it is extremely difficult for one to recover. In March 2011, the unemployment rate rose again to 1 percent, the highest in 17 years.

The most worrying finding is that youth unemployment is the highest; 18.3 percent. There are many recruitment agencies in the UK that offer services for people who already have work experience, but recent graduates or skilled workers just out of school still have a hard time. Companies are also lowering the hourly rate for experienced staff, and that means the demand for young, inexperienced people has dropped.

We can see that in some industries there are 83 graduates applying for an opening, and there is little hope that more jobs will be created in the near future. That is the reason why many job seekers sign up with multiple recruitment services. But not all are happy. There is a difference between the websites, and many people find that they are not getting the support they need to be able to get a job. CV writing is a crucial skill, and while advice is available through agencies, it’s hard to compete with hundreds of other applicants if you don’t have such a perfect CV.

It is very important to know that the larger recruitment agencies may not have the best reputation in the market, and if one is looking for specialist advice, turning to a local service may be a better idea. According to a 2010 study published by a review website, the UK’s largest recruitment agencies scored low when job seekers were asked about their experience. Reed got just one star out of five, while Hays also got a low rating. It’s important to know that smaller specialty services got better overall customer feedback, and that could be because they have more time to discuss the application process with employees and requirements with employers.

We can also see that there are many job seekers tired of applying for jobs, sending in their CV-s, and every once in a while going for an interview, only to wait in vain for a call back. No matter how many people apply for jobs, the level of service provided must still be maintained. There are so many honest recruitment agencies out there, and if one wants to avoid wasting time, one should look at the overall rating of the company and choose a specialist service that offers free advice on CV writing and interview preparation.

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