The secret behind having six pack abs like the pros

Do you crave perfect abs?

Have a strong desire for a flat midsection?

Do you covet the image you see professional athletes sport as they perform their games and races?

If you want perfect abs, a good program plan is essential. Make no mistake about it, this is not a goal that you will achieve by chance.

Those planning to get perfect abs will get perfect abs, so let’s go over the secret tips you need to know to achieve true success.

Focus on compound movements

The first thing that should be in place if you are going to get abs is a full body workout that uses a lot of compound movements. Compound movements are great for getting perfect abs because your core muscles will contract throughout the movement pattern, ensuring you stay balanced and in control at all times.

In fact, you can get more activation of your core muscles during a squat exercise than during a sit-up. Compound movements will also increase your metabolic rate more than most other exercises and this can help you maintain better fat burning throughout the day.

Since getting six pack abs is largely about maintaining lower levels of body fat, total daily calorie burn is incredibly important.

Get your diet going

Next, the second thing to remember is to get your diet going. Make no mistake about it, if you are not eating right, you will not see flat stomach success.

Diet is huge when it comes to leaning down so you need to be on top of things. Eat a low-calorie diet that is high in protein, high in fresh produce, and contains carbohydrates during times when you are most active. This is what will cause your body to turn to body fat for fuel, helping you lose weight.

Fat from the diet should not be completely eliminated, but should be kept lower to maintain proper calorie control.

Remember to rest

Last but not least, remember to rest. While most people who embark on the mission to get flat abs believe that more exercise is better, it is not.

Exercising too much will only increase cortisol levels in your body, making you have a greater chance of storing excess abdominal body fat, taking you away from your goal.

Make sure you take at least one, if not two, days off per week and keep your lifestyle stress minimized to avoid the release of cortisol.

So be sure to follow these tips and you can be on your way to six pack success. It’s a goal that requires some work, but with enough determination, you can achieve it.

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