The Crack in Business and Government Leadership: Discussion of Jobs and Political Rhetoric

We keep hearing how President Obama and the Democrats in Congress are going to provide jobs for Americans. They tell us that as we switch to alternative energy they will create millions of jobs, but that is just bullshit and nonsense. The reality is that the combination of wind and solar power is only 1% of our total usage, and you haven’t been told it took 3 decades to get to that point. Leaders tell us how their stimulus and bailouts will help revive jobs, that’s complete nonsense, and let me explain.

If you remember, the US government had bailed out Wall Street to recapitalize the banks and unfreeze the credit markets, but very few banks are lending to small businesses, the real job creators. You see, 80% of Americans are employed by small businesses, not large American corporations. Still, the president continually has business roundtables with big companies, not small ones. Worse yet, at a recent business and jobs meeting there were no CEOs there, really no small business owners either. In fact, there was no one in the room who had had to make a payroll.

Remember the Obama administration promised Americans healthcare a right and even claimed we would cut medical costs, cut insurance and save Medicare. In my opinion, that is crazy, and I say; “What a bunch of nonsense indeed.” Health care costs continue to skyrocket, an ER visit WITHOUT operation costs $7500 for just 3-4 hours, most of it is usually spent waiting in line. Sure, health care insurance may foot the bill, but that means higher insurance for everyone.

President Obama’s solution; Just health care insurance companies that will increase regulations and audits if premiums rise? Catch-22 for them, but that can only work for so long. A business that cannot increase profits as costs skyrocket cannot stay in business. Are we going to rescue them too? And with whose money can I ask? And if we go to a fully government run health insurance plan, we already know what will happen; they will spend 45% managing red tape before spending a dollar on actual health care costs. That 45% is pretty widespread across all government agencies, I’m not making this up or pulling numbers out of my underpants here.

And when it comes to trade, President Obama claims to know everything? “Oh really,” I ask. Are you saying that he will triple our exports? Sure, our exports will triple as the global economy returns, but our product inputs will also increase, by more than five times. That’s only slightly higher than it was before the global economic crisis. Thus, trade deficits will be a nightmare, and the recovery of employment is an illusion. The reality is that the Obama Administration [in my observation, opinion, and from my point-of-view] it is a complete nightmare for free enterprise and industry, and in my opinion, a complete failure to create jobs [just look at all the charts]. Many of those who were unemployed and whose unemployment benefits ran out have stopped looking for work.

Because? Well, we weaken them by giving them free fish instead of teaching them how to fish or there are just no jobs, they know that and they think it’s a waste of time to try. Meanwhile, small businesses are largely not hiring. Again, why should they with all the uncertainty? Big Parma is the latest to take its production abroad to South Korea and China, and President Obama is going to re-sign the South Korean trade agreement, but why? It has always been an uneven and unbalanced trade. How does that help jobs in America? Am I going too far in condemning the performance of the Obama Administration you ask? Certainly not, and it’s not just me saying this anymore, there are hundreds of articles in the mainstream media every day about this reality, it’s no secret.

You see, I’ve been carefully clipping various articles, actual data, and comparing it to those speeches and those of the Obama Administration, the Democrats in Congress, and reading actual teleprompter scripts from President Obama himself. It turns out that almost none of this political rhetoric is grounded in reality, it’s just a lot of PR with very little viable leadership in my opinion. No, you are not surprised, nor am I naive enough to believe that anything will ever change, regardless of who takes office. Even so, we all know that it is not working, since we all have friends and/or neighbors, acquaintances who do not have a job.

Our current leadership, in my opinion, is unfit to lead, and these speeches have run their course and are now ineffective. You and I should not be fooled, and therefore we are not; neither are most Americans, and the best thing the Obama Administration can do right now is to get out of the way. Let’s help them do that, let’s vote to remove them from office along with the entire Democratic Leadership in Congress. Please consider all this.

** I’ve put together some reading material for you below, so you know I’m not fuming and this isn’t purely a political hit. It’s just how I see it, after reviewing the situation. Each of these articles contains pieces of the puzzle and the truth (I say pieces because we all realize that we can’t believe everything in the news, just like we can’t believe everything our politicians tell us at the podium). I hope you will do your own research and consider what I am saying.


  1. The Los Angeles Times; “Small business hiring, the usual engine of growth, is sizzling” [showing how things are not working as planned].
  2. Editorial by Daniel Henninger in his weekly Wonder Land column; “Obama and the Spending Volcano” [a slamming article that cuts through Obama’s teleprompting rhetoric and eloquent speeches].
  3. USA Today; “Doctors limit new Medicare patients; surveys point to payment problems” [shortages in health care getting worse, the opposite of what Obama intended].
  4. USA Today; “New RN Graduates Feel Pressured By Jobs: Economy Hits Flow Of Nurses Into System” [showing how economy is hurting even the industries propped up by socialism and partially funded through our tax dollars, nothing is working].
  5. W.S.J.; “The president’s jobs drive changes to exports” [article shows it’s not working].
  6. W.S.J.; “Politics and personality fuel the gap between CEOs and Obama” [article explains the mistrust, uncertainty, and anger from the business community and low confidence of CEOs].
  7. W.S.J.; “Unemployment benefits are not stimulus” [a reality check on Obama-nomics].
  8. Wall Street Journal; “Merck will close 16 sites on cost movement” July 9, 2010 [moving jobs to India for making the drugs].
  9. Wall Street Journal; “New Detroit Rising in South India” July 8, 2010 [US Automakers, including those who were bailed out move manufacturing overseas not only to sell in those markets but to save costs].

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