Some Thoughts on the Roswell UFO Incident (July 1947): Part Two

Roswell and alternative explanations

In the Executive Summary of the USAF document “The Roswell Report: Fact Vs Fiction in the New Mexico Desert” (1995), the document that attempted (but failed) to establish a Project Mogul balloon train as the most likely explanation for Roswell, most probably since they even stated outright that they couldn’t prove Project Mogul was the damning proof, they included a section titled “WHAT THE ROSWELL INCIDENT WAS NOT” (their caps). They claimed Roswell was NOT…

“A Plane Crash”

“A Missile Crash”

“A Nuclear Accident”

Of course they also said that it was not “an alien craft” but that was to be taken for granted as they could hardly be expected to say otherwise.

Roswell and alternative explanations: a plane crash

Skeptics cannot deny that something crashed near Roswell, with the usual suspect being a balloon or balloon train. Of course, that’s nonsense, since even the old lady from Pasadena could tell the difference between the material of the balloons and the metallic materials. So the obvious alternative is a ground plane that bit the dust. But that analysis is wrong.

The analysis is flawed because apparently the military didn’t even know something had crashed until the ranch foreman (Brazel) alerted the police, who in turn alerted the military. If the Roswell event had been a plane crash, be it a secret inactive development aircraft or an ordinary military aircraft, the military would have realized something was wrong quickly. If it had been a commercial plane crash, that too would have been immediately obvious.

In any case, if it had been a secret military aircraft of slow development, there would hardly have been a reason to keep it a secret all this time. That top-secret aircraft would already be absolutely yesterday’s technology. Sorry, the options are balloon debris or alien debris. And I have to repeat over and over again, military officers would NOT confuse the two. Claiming otherwise is absurd.

Roswell and alternative explanations: a top-secret military plane crash

Skeptics obviously believe the USAF when they say the Roswell incident was NOT an alien spacecraft, but some do not believe the USAF itself when they say the Roswell incident was NOT a plane crash on the grounds that it is easier to confuse a crashed metallic earth ship. aircraft for an alien versus mistaking the balloon material for metallic debris. However, such a position is inconsistent. That is adopting a double standard. That’s speaking with a forked tongue and being a bit two-faced and saying just a bit of contradiction, don’t you readers think? Regardless, if you’re convinced that the Roswell event is explained because it was just a land plane (or some kind of other), then skeptics need to provide some kind of compelling argument. Oh, don’t bother telling me. Tell the USAF. They would be happy to listen directly to the skeptics and their conclusions, as they obviously know what the USAF does not know.

Now, let’s assume for argument’s sake that the Roswell crash event was the crash of some top-secret military plane. Roswell was the most elite military unit in the entire area, so if any military personnel knew, they would have. Be that as it may. By now, some close to seven decades later, that once-top-secret military aircraft would be technology so old it would have been placed in a museum decades ago; the Roswell debris on public display; the beginning and end of the Roswell mystery solved; case closed. Now why haven’t the powers that be thought of that? Why did the USAF in 1995 specifically state that it was NOT a plane crash if it was in fact a plane crash? Why lengthen the mystery, the uncertainty, if there is no uncertainty? Be that as it may, there is also another logical reason why the Roswell incident was NOT the crash of a top-secret military plane. There was a delay of several days between the time the ranch foreman found the debris and the time the Roswell base staff were notified. The reason was that the ranch foreman did not have access to a telephone. Remember that this was a remote rural area in 1947 and telephones were not as universal as they are today. The ranch foreman had to wait for a job-related opportunity to go into town and therefore personally notify the police. That was several days after the fact. The police notified the Roswell base and, as they say, all else is history. Now why is this important? Any flight of any aircraft must be planned in advance; a recorded flight plan. Whichever military unit this supposed top-secret plane belonged to would have been aware of the flight, where it was going and when it was due to return. When it failed to return, an immediate search and rescue operation would have been launched, especially since it was a TOP SECRET military aircraft. The crash site and wreckage would have been found and treated and the scenario of the ranch foreman finding the debris first, waiting several days for a chance to go to town and notify the police would never have happened.

Roswell and the nature of the debris

Some skeptics argue that if the Roswell debris was found on Planet Earth, then it must be terrestrial and not extraterrestrial. Let’s see, by that logic (or lack thereof), meteorites are terrestrial. Cosmic rays are terrestrial. Neutrinos are terrestrial. Any SETI signal would have to be terrestrial. In short, everything on Earth must be an integral part of Earth. Good call! Granted, even accepting that the recovered debris was terrestrial in nature, skeptics still have the can of worms regarding alien bodies. Surely they are not such idiots as to suggest that something with the appearance of a “Grey” is of terrestrial origin.

So the only point I’m really making here is that just because something is found or detected here on Planet Earth doesn’t necessarily mean it doesn’t have an off-world origin. Surely the skeptics’ limited skills with logic can cope with that simple statement.

Roswell: How could technologically sophisticated aliens collide?

The aliens cross interstellar space to planet Earth only to crash in Roswell. That seems rather an absurd scenario. Please explain.

First, accidents happen. Cars crash even with sober adults in control. The ships sink. Plane crash. Newspaper reports fill the presses daily with accident stories. ET is a fallible entity, not an infallible deity.

However, that’s not the most logical explanation IMHO. Now suppose it is June 1947 and you, the reader, are in charge of the defense of the United States. It is your job to make sure that the United States is well protected and can defend itself against all agents, domestic and foreign. Suddenly you get dozens of reports of unidentified flying objects invading US airspace. Experts tell you that they are real, like artificial things, under intelligent control. You absolutely know they are not Americans. Your best guess is that, being 1947, they are Russian. What are you going to do? You’re going to order the military to challenge these objects, force them to land, and if they don’t, you’re going to order them to be removed, shot down. He could not and should not do less, otherwise it would be a dereliction of his duties as the officer in charge of national defense. Fast forward several weeks to July 1947 and the skies over the American Southwest. The military detects one or more of these mysterious UFOs. They intercept. They challenge. These ships ignore that challenge. They are shot down. They crash near Roswell. The rest, as they say, is history.

As for shooting down the aliens, what’s the saying, “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.” Just because the military caught them off guard once, doesn’t mean it would happen again and from then on.

Roswell and the evidence

I don’t have to present any additional evidence for Roswell because I’ve already gotten lyrical on the subject several times, as well as what is contained in the above. The main reason I don’t have to present any evidence is that the evidence already exists in the public realm, available to anyone who bothers to get off their ass and do their own damn research!

But here are some more comments about Roswell. The fact that the powers that be know with absolute certainty that the extra-terrestrial hypothesis (ETH) is not a hypothesis but a reality, they have the positive test on the slab in the laboratory, does not mean that they know anything about the agenda of ET, the plan of gambling or what their long-term interests are, so the data collection must continue: eternal surveillance is always the order of the day and that is the name of the response from the powers that be and readers should be grateful to that as private citizens that this is so.

Roswell: A Summary for Skeptics

Attention Roswell skeptics! Let’s play the “Please explain” game.

Please explain: How did the ranch foreman who found the initial Roswell debris find it unusual enough that he ended up notifying the local police?

Explain: How is it that numerous military (plural) failed to distinguish the materials of the balloon from the debris of a “flying disc”?

Explain: Why did several declassified FBI documents confirm the recovery of “flying discs” (plural) and the Roswell event?

Explain: How is it that some high-ranking officers (colonel and above) have verified (after retirement) that the mundane explanation of the Roswell event was in fact a cover-up of the real deal?

Explain: Why have the witnesses (plural) kept their history of extraterrestrial bodies and otherworldly materials up to the time of their final deaths?

Please explain: If the Roswell debris was ordinary balloons, why was it all sent to Fort Worth and then Wright Field for analysis, transport that is on the public record?

Explain: Why did the Government Accounting Office (GAO) discover the fact that all USAF documents related to the Roswell event were missing, missing, unavailable, or destroyed? That too is in the public record.

Explain: Why was Goldwater barred from seeing the good stuff behind closed doors at Wright-Patterson AFB unless there was some real meat on the bone at Roswell? That’s in the public record.

Explain: Why did the Roswell base intelligence officer (Major Marcel) make an unscheduled detour home after collecting some of the debris from Roswell to show his wife and 11-year-old son (waking him in the process?) ) if the Roswell materials were just good? -hum stuff and not extraordinary in structure and substance? That too is in the public record.

Please explain: Why was the Roswell base commander (Colonel Blanchard) never disciplined for the recovery of the “flying disc” press release he dictated and ordered published and distributed? Instead, he rose to the rank of four-star general and the second highest position in the USAF. He might have risen higher if he hadn’t died of a heart attack sitting behind his desk in the Pentagon. Of course, that too is in the public record.

Skeptics have a very, very long way to go before they even remotely explain or discredit the Roswell incident.

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