Pros and cons of electric dog collars

Electric dog collars, also known as shock collars or remote training collars, are very popular with pet enthusiasts around the world.

These collars are primarily used to train dogs to stay inside a property. With it, dogs learn to observe limits and limitations based on the installed borders. Putting an end to excessive barking is also solved with the help of this pet kit. The dog will feel a slight correction when he begins to bark, and the frequency may increase as he grows louder.

This tool is also very effective in getting the dog used to moving on a leash since it will feel more comfortable to move without it. However, do not worry, because you will remain in control of your pet at all times. You can still teach your dog to avoid harmful animals, places, and situations.

The great thing about electric collars is that you can control the amount of pain your pet feels even from a distance. This means that pain can be minimized based on the needs and behavior of the dog. Being an observer is important so that you can determine whether or not it is necessary to increase the level.

However, keep in mind that electronic dog collars are not a perfect training system. Therefore, it also has different disadvantages.

For once, a study shows that some dogs that are always shock treated are noticeably more aggressive, particularly towards humans. Another observation from experts is that automatic dog collars can impose incorrect messages on your dog because they can associate pain with the wrong objects and circumstances. Concerned pet owners who have stopped using this pet kit indicate that their dogs are sometimes reluctant to take a simple walk around the yard due to fear of pain. Worse still, they can also attack humans and animals that approach within the allowed limitations of the fence.

Collars can also cause a dog to feel stressed. They can also associate their voice with pain and therefore sometimes they will not be so obedient. In short, there is a possibility that the bond between the pet owner and the dog will be weakened.

Simply put, there are ups and downs to wearing an electric collar. The decision to acquire one for your pet or not is totally personal. You know your pet better than the collar manufacturers. You can try it just to find out if your dog is comfortable with it.

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