Rent, Condominium, Coop, Single Family, Multifamily?

Really, there is no perfect home for everyone! Many factors, including what one can afford (and is comfortable paying for), specific lifestyle, personal preferences, family situations, privacy concerns, etc., often make a shape more attractive to a specific individual than other. Some of these options / options / alternatives include: rental; buy a cooperative home; buy a condo; choose a […]

US Cellular Review: Plans, Phones, Prepaid, Pros & Cons

Company overview US Cellular is a wireless service provider based in Chicago, Illinois. Its business model is “Dynamic Organization”, which promises to deliver outstanding customer satisfaction results. It serves some 6.2 million customers in 26 states. Prepaid plans US Cellular Prepaid offers three monthly prepaid plans. All these plans include unlimited calls starting at 9 pm and unlimited incoming calls. […]

The 10 most important tourist places in Japan

Japan is easily one of the most fascinating places to visit in Asia. It’s a fascinating mix of the modern and the old, a surprising mix of the familiar and the strange. Thanks to the country’s movement to boost tourism, Japan is also one of the friendliest places for tourists. But in a country where there are 4 main islands […]

13 richest celebrities under 25

Holy moly. I wish we had the amount of money these people have. And guess what this list of just rich people under 25 is about. And by rich people under the age of 25, I mean rich celebrities. We’ll add you to the list, and just to be clear, this list here highlights 13 of the richest celebrities under […]

Launch a club online?

What is required for your club? WordPress, your registrar or blogger’s offer for your club? Forget about these three. I am not here to promote any particular offer and I will not point to any registration page here. The aim is to show that there are other ways to proceed. Instead of thinking “how” and “how much”, let’s think with […]

Understand and deal with adolescent distress

By far, adolescence is the most turbulent period in an individual’s life. Most of us wish we could erase the memory of those awkward years; of asocial behavior and, sometimes, curmudgeon; of the pain and bewilderment they caused our parents. The transition period, when one is neither a child nor an adult, can be frightening for the adolescent and those […]