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Open Letter to Entrepreneurs: 5 Ways to Sell More Using a Copywriter

When I tell people that I am a copywriter, I sometimes have a glassy look. “What kind of writer?” Or better yet, “A COPYRIGHT? Are you some kind of lawyer?” They just don’t understand how a copywriter can help them. So here’s the scoop. Basically, we are salespeople with the time and experience to make you look good on paper.

Sure, you can write your own copy … if you can find time in your hectic schedule. (Hopefully it sounds professional). Maybe you’re nervous about letting someone else create content that represents you. That’s understandable, but you have to get over it. You are never going to make money with products that only exist in your head.

Are you worried that your copywriter has no writing experience in your field? Do not be. This is why. Good writers do their research. They jump in and study all the materials that have been written about their business. They check what their competitors are doing and how well their tactics are working. They understand your target market. Additionally, copywriters are trained in proven techniques that entice people to remove plastic.

Here are five specific ways any entrepreneur can use a copywriter to package their products, get to market faster, and start making money.


Your home page or index page is the most important on your site for two reasons. First, it is your welcome mat. Explain what the visitor will find on your site. Hopefully there is enough information to entice you to stay and visit other pages on your site. Second, the home page carries the most weight in search engines. A good copywriter can strategically spread keywords that get your message across while ranking your page higher in search engines.


A quality sales letter prompts an interested customer to keep reading. It’s not strong enough and the potential customer keeps browsing. Overdo it and you will get the same result. There is a definite art to writing a successful sales letter. This area should be left to professional copywriters. (Side note: It’s surprising to me that people spend a ton of money on website design or graphics, but are reluctant to hire someone to tweak their message. Copying * conveys * what it’s all about. be a no-brainer.)


A copywriter can write them for you if you’re short on time. Articles trigger some things. When people see your name enough times, they come to recognize you (can you say free publicity?) Plus, you become known as an expert in your field. Post them on your website and watch your search engine rankings improve. (Just be sure to provide your name and contact information should remain on any forwarded material. Generally, people are quite cooperative if you just ask.)


E-books (or “e-books”) are fast becoming the print standard. Microsoft projects that within five years, more than 50% of all new books will be in e-book format. Spend some time thinking about your idea. Check online bookstores like to see what’s on the market. Finally, create an outline, some length parameters, hire a copywriter, and become a legitimate author overnight.


One of the best ways to stay in touch with your customers is through an ezine or ezine. These are newsletters that are emailed on a regular basis with valuable information that people will want to read. You can also announce new products, contests, and special promotions. As long as you have provided something of value, people will allow you to market them in this way. But beware. By the time your ezine turns into nothing more than a long ad, you will lose subscribers in droves. Editors can keep their ezine full of fresh content. Suddenly, your time is freed up to promote your services. More importantly, your name will be in front of your subscribers regularly, which builds trust and sales in the future.

PS Check out this resource to make headlines. As I said before, I use Robert Boduch’s information constantly. It is literally on my right hand now.

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