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Globus Hystericus (lump in the throat): 7 easy steps to counteract them quickly and effectively

Do you have continuous or intermittent ‘lump in throat’ sensations? This condition is also known as Globus Hystericus in medical terms. In this article I will explain what it is. I will also teach you a simple method to ‘possibly’ remove the lump in your throat sensations that can be very annoying.

Globus Hystericus always manifests as a feeling of tightness in the throat, often, but not always, causing the sensation of having something stuck in the throat.

Most people will experience a “lump in the throat” when faced with something sad or happy, such as during a birthday party and sad movies, or perhaps when something very upsetting happens. This is the result of the “fight or flight” response and is completely very normal. These anxiety reactions are created to help us in times when there is a real threat.

But most of the time it can also appear during times of stress and sadness. In any case, if you experience Globus Hystericus consistently, even when there is no real danger, it could mean that you are suffering from inappropriate levels of anxiety. In other words, you could have an anxiety disorder.

What happened during Globus Hystericus is that the throat muscle begins to tighten around the throat area. That is all. You need to understand this fact carefully so that you can manage the condition properly and prevent an anxiety attack from happening. Your throat is NOT closing or you will not be able to breathe or eat. It is simply a symptom of anxiety. It is harmless and curable through an anxiety elimination program.

If you need a ‘quick fix’ that can help you manage Globus Hystericus, I have listed these 7 steps to help you ease the feeling of a lump in your throat quickly;

  1. Try to sit in a quiet place. Get a warm face cloth and hold it against your throat and neck for a minute.
  2. Put the cloth away and stand upright with your back against the wall. Tilt your head back as far as possible, but make sure you are comfortable doing so. You should now feel a stretch in your throat. Hold this position for five seconds.
  3. Slowly tilt your head to the left and then to the right, still holding the stretch in your throat. Take 5 seconds to do a full turn from left to right. Do this exercise 10 times.
  4. Place your hand on your throat in the position where it meets your chest. Try to locate the two “stringy” muscles that run on either side of the Adam’s apple and disappear behind the chest bones. After that, use one or two hands to firmly massage any tension in those muscles. Do this for 2 minutes.
  5. If you find more stiff muscles in your neck, on both sides of your windpipe, simply massage them to relieve tension.
  6. Now do the head turns again for 5 more reps and relax.
  7. Allow your muscles to relax by sitting still for a few minutes. Get up slowly and walk.

These exercises may not have an immediate effect, but if you can do them regularly throughout the day, it can produce a dramatic effect.

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