Education and Islam

Islam is the religion of peace, and it is one of the most sacred and trusted religions, which has given us guidance in all aspects of life. Islam has given us an education with a knowledge that has no limits. The Holy Quran is the holiest book of Allah revealed on Prophet Muhammad (SAW), for uplifting guidance and enriched messages to mankind.

Education is the knowledge of making the most of one’s potential. Without education, no one can find the right path in this world.

This importance of education is basically due to two reasons. Education makes man a correct thinker. Without education, no one can think correctly in a context that is right for you. It tells man how to think and how to make decisions. The second reason for the importance of education is that only by attaining education can man receive information from the outside world. Well said

“Without education, man is like in a closed room and with education he finds himself in a room with all its windows open to the outside world.”

That is why Islam attaches such importance to knowledge and education. When the Quran began to be revealed, the first word of its first verse was ‘Iqra’, that is, read.

The reflective book of the Holy Quran is so rich in content and meaning that if the history of human thought goes on forever, this book will probably not be read to the end. Every day transmits a new message to humanity. Every morning, he gives us new thoughtful ideas and limits us to the limits of ethics.

Islamic Education is one of the best education systems, which makes a person ethically prepared with all the qualities that he should have as a human being. The Western world has created a wrong image of Islam in the world. They do not know that our teachings are given to us directly by Allah, who is the creator of this world, through our Prophets.

Muslims around the world are thirsty for quality education. They know their limits and never try to cross them. It is the West, which has created a stir that Muslims are not in the way of getting a proper education. They think that our education teaches us to fight, about weapons, etc., which is so false. It is true that there are certain elements that force an individual to walk the wrong path, because as we are going to mold a child, it will be like that, but it does not mean that our religion teaches us badly.

Our Holy Prophet (SAW) said:

Seek knowledge from cradle to grave.


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Today, Muslims are acquiring good ideas, thoughts, knowledge and skills from all corners of the world. The world is moving very fast, and in this industrialized world, it is the duty of teachers to provide quality integrated ethical education to Muslim students around the world, because children are invaluable assets for future generations.

Prophet Muhammad (SAW) encouraged all Muslims to acquire knowledge and share it. He said:

“Acquire knowledge, because whoever acquires it in the way of Allah performs an act of piety; whoever speaks of it, praises the Lord; whoever seeks it, worships Allah; whoever imparts instruction in it, gives alms; and he who imparts it to others, he performs an act of devotion to Allah. ” (Bukhari, Muslim)

All teachers of secular or religious education should pay more attention to students in the classroom. It is necessary that in the Islamic system we consider these dear children as our own children, and put aside all other considerations, and rise above all those things and recognize our duty and our mission. We must raise the standards of education and address the needs of these children. We must perform our duties seriously and awaken a sense of responsibility. It has been seen that there are certain teachers who are not fulfilling their duties with great interest. I would like to ask all teachers, by God, for their revolutionary duty, to teach children with devotion and dedication.

It is important that we advance our work through discussions, debates, studies, and through proper distribution of work among ourselves.

We must never forget that we live in an Islamic state, and our goal must be simultaneously to create both an independent and an Islamic culture. Independence and richness of content are indeed among the characteristics of Islamic culture. Our system is an ideological system.

We must make our child enthusiastic, dynamic, and this search must permeate every corner of our society. We must aspire to be truthful and sincere.

Self-denial and generosity, love of freedom, determination of endurance and stubborn perseverance, courage to embrace martyrdom – all these are the new values ​​of the new generation, which must be taught according to the teaching of Islam. .

The doors of the school should always be kept open for the sake of Islam, for the sake of the Muslim Ummah.

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