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Don’t pay for an expensive lacrosse cap, make yours for less!

Having a lacrosse backstop is vital these days if you don’t feel like paying $ 300 each for a broken window. Your child may be just starting out in the sport of throwing a solid rubber ball into a net. The fastest shot ever recorded was 111 mph by Paul Rabil in MLL All-Star competition. But kids as young as 7 can shoot the ball at 45 mph, which is enough to kill.

Installing a backup net behind the goal doesn’t have to be a big undertaking or cost you more than a broken window would. I’ve seen lacrosse cleats in stores that sell for $ 500 and up to $ 2,000. With those prices I prefer to take a risk in the hope of not breaking a window. If you did, you’d still be saving money compared to buying one of those high-priced aluminum and nylon sets.

Fortunately, I built my own network that cost me less than $ 80. I connected a sports network that I bought from to 16-gauge wire and connected it to my home. Then I screwed a 2 X 4 into a set and wrapped the cable around it. And surprisingly I have an inexpensive Lacrosse Backstop! I have been using mine for 5 years. I can shoot around the mid 80’s and the net hasn’t broken. And the way I laid the netting prevents you from having to store it for the winter or move a huge product just to mow the lawn.

So there you go, there is NO need to spend money on an expensive product, but on the inside build yours for a fraction of the price.

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