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Different types of lamps and their uses

Nowadays you can find lamps everywhere. From home interior design to shopping malls, from restaurants to gaming zones and from filmography to a small photo studio; Lighting fixtures have become an integral part of various industries and personal use. They are available in various shapes, designs, colors and sizes. Basically, a lamp is an electrical device that contains an electric lamp for lighting. Some of the fixtures come with an attached power button that controls it, while some light fixtures, like the dining room sconces, work via switches on one wall. There is also the option of using some lamps on battery power. Did you know that the first company to manufacture luminaires was Lightolier?

Recessed or track lights: this is the best accessory to beautify the entire ceiling of a house. You can put these accessories as many as you want, keeping in mind your needs. Just make sure your ceiling isn’t too low and the lights aren’t too bright. Otherwise, it could seriously affect your eyes. You can install them in your kitchen, living room, dining room and bedroom. You just have to be careful with the power of the lights.

Chandeliers and Pendants – These types of lighting fixtures are best for creating a calm atmosphere in your bathroom. But, only houses with high ceilings can install these accessories, since low ceilings will cause you to trip over them every time you pass.

Task lighting: This type of light keeps your focus in one spot. It is used for very specific purposes like reading novels, cooking, writing, studying, working on a computer. Some people call it office lighting because it makes sure you complete your task without getting distracted. To get the most out of it, you need to dimly light your home with a desk lamp on.

Vanity and Under Cabinet Lights – As the name suggests, these lights work best in the kitchen, giving you just the right light for snacking, cooking, and cleaning. They also come in handy in your bathrooms, garages, and vanity mirrors.

Track lights: Used primarily in workspaces, these lights are best for offices that have desks in long rows. In addition to hanging in offices, they are used in kitchens and children’s rooms. These lights can take up a little more space, but they are quite useful.

Accent Lighting – Use this type of lighting when you want to entertain people’s attention in any specific location or decor in your home. Your guests are motivated to visit that particular place and appreciate the art and lights. You can use these lights during Diwali, Christmas, Eid and summer holidays. The best thing about this light is that it can also be placed in outdoor areas.

Landscape Lighting – The best way to use these lights is by installing them in your outdoor areas. It will add that extra beauty and appeal to an outdoor setting and illuminate the entire patio with beautiful lights.

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