Comprehensive insurance: Is a comprehensive auto insurance policy recommended?

Q: I am looking for car insurance and my boyfriend wants me to buy comprehensive car insurance, while I only want to get the minimum coverage. Is the comprehensive policy worth the extra money?

A: We think you have to compromise between the cheap auto insurance you want and the comprehensive auto insurance your boyfriend suggests. It’s a big decision to make, and ultimately it’s your choice.

If you decide to go for the comprehensive policy, make sure it is truly comprehensive. Ask the agent to put in writing exactly what is covered.

Since comprehensive means that everyone often assumes they will have zero out-of-pocket expenses in the event of an accident, but this is rarely the case, so don’t be caught off guard.

If you decide to buy the cheapest auto insurance, make sure the company is reliable, the coverage is sufficient, and the customer service is what you expect. This is especially when buying cheap insurance. Many companies cut costs by having fewer people available to help you.

Thank you for your question and we hope we were able to answer your question about comprehensive auto insurance.

We strongly recommend that you search for the best auto insurance rates online. The Internet makes it extremely easy to save money by comparing quotes from various companies.

After getting several quotes, simply compare them and choose the policy that offers the best coverage at the cheapest price. Saving money on car insurance doesn’t get any easier than that!

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