The 10 best beaches in Mexico

1) Xpu-ha Beach in Tulum: With a beautiful bay and talc-white beaches, Xpu-ha is a bit remote and perfect for a romantic stroll or a quiet swim. Just a few miles south of Cancun, this beach has a few beach bars, a few all-inclusive resorts, and a couple of dive shops. It is not at the ends of the earth, […]

All-Inclusive Resort Tips: Important Things to Consider When Considering All-Inclusive Vacations

What exactly can you get at all-inclusive resorts? The package varies from resort to resort, but for the most part, you get everything you need, including food, entertainment, and activities. Tax and tips are included in some packages. It is important to carefully review each all-inclusive package so you know exactly what you will receive. If you already plan to […]

Las Vegas Showtime!

Las Vegas: bright lights, non-stop entertainment, warm weather (we were there in March when it’s snowing in PA). Let me tell you about the shows we watched, starting with an amazing production of Mama Mia in Mandalay Bay. The staging was very clever and the high-energy cast was totally entertaining. Combined with the great music of Abba, it was an […]

Belize – Cultural melting pot

The word “Belize” recalls the images of incredibly crystal clear turquoise waters with fabulous beaches, lush green jungles and impressive Mayan ruins. But this small nation is also proud of its diverse culture. Here you can find a unique mix of influences from various cultures and people from various parts of the world. Rich cultural diversity In the distant past, […]

Hawaii Big Island Day Tour

The Big Island offers even more surprises, like the huge caldera of the Volcanoes National Park. When you visit the park, you may think that you are on a remote planet, as the landscape seems completely barren due to volcanic activity. But just when you think there isn’t much to see, you suddenly discover rich corners of lush landscape that […]

Open bottle, open mind

You’re learning about wine and wondering “Is vintage wine really better?” because that is the perception that receives the most publicity. You will find written that the answer to your question is that it depends on the intention of the winemaker. The writer will go on to tell you that wine can be made in such a way that it […]

What to do in Brussels and Bruges

Brussels and Bruges are two of the most popular tourist destinations in Belgium. The cities are connected by a reliable rail network, making it easy for backpackers and gap year travelers in Europe to explore the sights of both in one trip. History and politics in Brussels Known as the “Capital of Europe”, Brussels is the administrative center of the […]

Birdwatching at Treasure Island Florida

Treasure Island, Florida is a wonderful place to see some of the most magnificent animals in the country. Bird watching or bird watching is a very popular attraction for many people due to the variety of species that live on these shores. In fact, the area can serve as a good spot to observe birds that may not be indigenous […]