COVID 19: Now the ‘Doubt Virus’ must be exterminated!

Ordinary people mostly have fickle minds; they are always guided by what they want to believe, often to their advantage. When they are worried, scared, and clueless about the future, they are more vulnerable to self-doubt and conspiracy theories. For the past six months, people around the world are very concerned about the COVID 19 pandemic, not so much about […]

Online Dating Safety Tips

Have you ever wondered why online dating leads to wonderful relationships, romance, and adventure? Only very occasionally will you hear something go wrong. If you’re interested in how to play safely while having fun, read some dating tips to help you get started on your dating quest: go slow. It is better if you take things slowly so that you […]

Unpacking the iPhone 4S

The iPhone 4S is the best iPhone to date. This is not a mere update to the 4th generation iPhone. It’s actually much bigger than that. Now let’s unpack the iPhone 4S. Keep reading! I must admit that the first time you open the phone case, you will notice a strong resemblance in design to the iPhone 4. Let’s say […]

8-Point Checklist: Online Supplier Assessment

Here are 8 things to consider when evaluating online lenders: Web-page design Privacy Policy About us Popularity Reputation Short form Points, Charges, Terms and Rates Communication 1. Website design: The website is, in fact, the showcase of the Internet. In the real world, your first impressions make all the difference. Well, it’s no different on the internet. Does the site […]

Top tech influencers on YouTube

YouTube has evolved far beyond being a website for videos and audio. Now, it is a place where people share moments of their lives. Below is a list of the top tech influencers identified on YouTube. Most of these YouTube Influencers are more interested in PC and mobile hardware components. unpacking therapy Lewis Hilsenteger, a tech critic, shows off some […]

How to display RSS feeds on your website

This article is intended as a guide for webmasters who want to display automatically updated content on their website in the form of RSS feeds. In this article, I will cover the easiest method to implement using javascript to display RSS on websites to create additional dynamic content. This will allow you to display web-syndicated content headlines on your website. […]

The pros and cons of the Nintendo DS Lite

Ad placements for the Nintendo DS Lite increased sharply over the summer in the UK. It is believed that people tend to shell out more money during the hot summer period. This portable handheld technology is starting to make a splash around the world. So what makes the Nintendo DS Lite popular with both young and old? If you are […]

7 responses to “What makes a good friend?”

In one of Charles Schulz’s comic strips, “good old Charlie Brown” visits Lucy’s five-cent sidewalk psych stand. Totally despondent, Charlie tells his potential counselor, “I can’t help it. I’m lonely, depressed.” “This is ridiculous!” Lucia insists. “You should be ashamed of yourself, Charlie Brown! You’ve got the whole world to live on!” She continues. “There is beauty all around you! […]