Show and Tell Presentations – Presentation Skills for Senior Executives

The “show” in “show and tell” presentations is slowly making a comeback in American businesses. It is a development that is long overdue. Long, dense, dry text projected onto conference room screens across the country has passed too long for the “showmanship” criteria of executive presentations. The more text and less graphics appeared in the presentations, the more the presenter […]

Ghana Life: men’s dress

Ghana shares with many developing countries a situation where its indigenous culture has been overwhelmed by a flood of practices and lifestyles that were once called Western and are now international. Ghanaian culture is very rich, and in many areas it remains strong, but in the second half of the 20th century it struggled to survive in the area of […]

3 day diet to lose 10 pounds

The 3-day diet is a fad diet, that is, a weight loss diet that has quickly gained popularity, but in a time whose popularity has waned. It had been a well-known diet from 1985. The 3-day diet is a regulated diet plan that still exists in the texts and is practiced by some for rapid weight loss, lowering cholesterol, cleansing, […]

Home For Sale By Owner – Free Advertising Tips

Whether you are just starting out or have been in the seller’s market, this information will be very helpful in locating buyers. Without a doubt, the Internet is the most effective means of attracting buyers because 75% of all home buyers will buy online BEFORE speaking with a real estate agent or broker. Bird’s Eye View: Online Real Estate Advertising! […]

Mobile web access: the wave of the future?

Mobile web access is a term used to describe access to the Internet through mobile devices such as mobile phones and PDAs (personal digital assistants). Web-enabled mobile devices are becoming more and more common – most cell phones now come with some kind of internet and / or data access feature. Mobile web access has many advantages. One of the […]