Australian Shepherd – A Truly Versatile Dog Breed

The Australian Shepherd also known as Australian is a sheepdog. Australian dogs work as sheepdogs and cattle dogs and are preferred by many. American Shepherd is easy to train and they love to please their owners. The Australian Shepherd is an energetic dog and is also used in dog sports such as dog agility, fly ball, and frisbee. American Shepherd are also famous as rescue dogs, search dogs, disaster dogs, detection dogs, guide dogs, service dogs, and therapy dogs.

Australians are good companions. Australians make good watchdogs and protect their owner from strangers. Australian sheepdogs are divided into two types: show dogs and working dogs. The difference between working dogs and show dogs are coat, coat density, and height. The Australian’s height is 18 to 21 inches and generally weighs 55 to 70 pounds in males and 335 to 55 pounds. Advertisements for black tricolor, red blackbird, live blue blackbird are the colors found in Australians. The ears, eyes and face must not be white; otherwise the dog will get sunburned or skin cancer. There are many other color combinations.

The black or red tri is a combination of red / black, tan, and white.
Merle is a blotchy blue / red combination and gray color.
All black or copper
Solid color / trimmed with white

The most common coat color is the merle allele. Australians also have many eye colors such as green, hazel, amber, brown, and blue. Australians can have a different color in both eyes, that is, their eyes can be bicolor. The Australian’s tail is short tail. The tails are of medium length and stubby. There are two types of temperament in Australian, which can be identified by the color of the coat. Australians are energetic dogs and need exercise on a daily basis. Australians love physical and mental work.

Their love of physical work and mental work helps them learn easily and quickly. Australians must be properly trained, otherwise they could cause harm to children. They are protective by nature and are used to scaring strangers and small animals. If an Australian is not cared for, trained properly, he will find his own games and ways to play. There are many health-related problems in Aussie such as back and hip problems, vision problems, and pancreas problems. Bladder problems and urinary infections are also found in the Australian. Most of the Australians used are rescue dogs and shelters.

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