8 perfect places to hide small tattoos

People get tattoos for different reasons. There are people who go for large conspicuous tattoos to make a statement or show off their personalities and styles. If you are among those who get tattoos for personal reasons or just for someone special, then you will want to find a hidden place to suit your needs. It would also be important to choose a hidden location if you need to keep it out of public view at any given time. Fortunately, there are so many location areas that allow you to get a valuable tattoo, but keep it hidden as you wish.

1. Internal wrist – It is one of the most popular areas and it is an amazing place for small tattoos and words. You can easily keep it hidden with a bracelet or watch and you’re good to go.

2. Ankle – It is one of the least painful areas to tattoo and you can consider it if you want to avoid pain and also have an easy time hiding the tattoo. The stain turns out to be very feminine and you can use high-top shoes to cover it whenever necessary.

3. Behind the ear – It is the least expected place for a tattoo and therefore allows you to easily hide a tattoo that has value to you. You can keep it out of public view easily by pinning your hair down and lifting it up when you feel like showing it off. This area has fewer nerve endings and therefore it is not so painful to get a tattoo.

4. Underfoot – It is one of the most discreet places in which you can get a tattoo considering that the feet are more time below and inside the shoes. You can keep the tattoo secret and make it last longer compared to other areas of the body.

5. Between the fingers – It’s a nice place for discreet tattoos. However, only very small tattoos can be placed between the fingers and the fingers are some of the best options for this area.

6. Inner lip – This is an unlikely tattoo spot, but it can still be a great hideaway. The lower lip seems to be popular for this, but you can also do it on the upper lip. Although lip tattoos fade much faster due to the moist nature of the mouth, they are quite interesting and exciting.

7. Under the boobs – A definite place for women who want to have secret tattoos. Unless you are wearing your bikini, you can be sure to keep this tattoo out of unauthorized eyes! The sides of your breasts are also an amazing hiding place for a tattoo.

8. Under the armpit – A tattoo that is placed just below the armpit is easy to hide. Most of the time the arm is down and unless you are wearing strapless clothing you can be sure to keep your precious tattoo a secret and let it out whenever you want. You can choose small to medium sizes for this area.

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