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7 reasons to choose glass kitchen backsplashes

There are seven great reasons why glass kitchen backsplashes have become one of the hottest choices lately, both for new-build properties and for renovations and redecorations. Glass backsplashes and glass countertops offer key benefits that often outweigh other materials or offer significant advantages that other materials cannot match. Here are the top seven reasons why people choose glass countertops and glass backsplashes for kitchens.

Cleaning is first. Very few of us would list ‘cleaning the kitchen’ as one of our favorite activities, and most of us would list scrubbing work surfaces as one of the least ideal ways to spend our free time. Splatters and countertops can often stain and splatter, and if the food or sauce was hot and has been allowed to cool, this could be quite difficult to remove. Stains can also be a problem for some surfaces. However, you hear of very few windows that cannot be cleaned due to stains. Except in churches, which doesn’t count. Glass offers the ideal cleaning surface – just spray, wipe and go.

Second is the fact that mold hates glass. Some work surfaces, such as granite or wood veneer, have a large number of cracks, crevices, and seams that provide the ideal location for bacteria, mold, fungi, and germs. This means that your kitchen work surface or backsplash could harbor millions of potential health hazards for you and your family. Kitchen glass backsplashes are hated by bacteria and mold as there is nowhere to hide.

Third is the wide range of colors available. Some glass countertops and glass backsplashes are stained glass, but often the glass is clear, with a colored back. It can be any of many hundreds of different colors and hues, offering more options than most work surfaces and even rival tiles.

The fourth reason to choose glass dashboards is their versatility. Typically the work surface or dashboard is made to order, and this can include any specific requirements. For example, you might want to wrap the backsplash around an electrical outlet, or incorporate a gap for pipes, or even curve it into a corner. All of this can be achieved with glass, which offers versatility that is often only limited by your imagination.

The fifth benefit of glass countertops and backsplashes is the way they can so easily and quickly transform your kitchen. If you’re looking for a quick makeover or looking to make a real impact without completely overhauling your entire kitchen, glass backsplashes are definitely the answer. Due to their vibrant colors, variety of designs, seamless integration into your existing kitchen, and ability to affect the entire room, glass backsplashes are often the best way to make a real difference in the style and appearance of your kitchen room.

The penultimate advantage glass kitchen backsplashes have over other materials is that they offer tremendous heat resistance. Although glass is manufactured in an oven, it is capable of withstanding tremendously high temperatures. After all, they make casserole dishes and glass food prep boards. In fact, glass countertops and backsplashes can withstand temperatures of up to 220 degrees Celsius, which is Gas Mark 7!

Finally, perhaps the most obvious advantage glass backsplashes and countertops have is the way they reflect and refract light in your kitchen. By choosing orange, amber or red backsplashes, you can create a warm feel throughout the kitchen, and green or yellow backsplashes can make the room feel fresh and clean. Most work surfaces and dashboards simply absorb light and give little back. Glass kitchen backsplashes help make the space feel lighter, airier, larger, and much more inviting. But once you start looking for glass backsplashes for your kitchen, you might find more than seven good reasons to order.

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