What is an SB lock?

The answer is that an SB (single bit) lock is a cam lock available in five different lengths that is used in many different applications. I’m going to expand on that definition to give you a clear idea of ​​just how versatile the SB lock really is. The name SB stands for “single bitted”. This is where the cuts in […]

Winter driving tip: back up with front-wheel drive

Driving in winter can be challenging enough without someone telling you to drive in reverse, but that’s exactly what I’m going to recommend for rare situations where driving forward with front-wheel drive just isn’t enough. It’s true that the idea of ​​driving backwards is a bit strange, but in special circumstances it works better with a front-wheel drive vehicle than […]

Content strategy for social media marketing

Imagine that social media is a lot like an in-person social party hosted by your local chamber of commerce. There are quite a few people there and you know that in order to successfully navigate this party, you will have to engage in some face-to-face conversations with the potentially new customers that are there. The simplest strategy that has almost […]

Tame the tantrums of the terrible two

The terrible two can be a stressful time for everyone, young children seem to start when their mothers are busiest. We have all seen the ghastly tantrums that young children can often have in public places with their poor mothers trying to cope as best they can. Well, it happens to all of us sometimes, but it can often be […]

Finding the highest quality manga and anime books

With the increasing popularity of anime and manga, a large number of new books are written and published on these topics every day. Regardless of whether your interest in these topics is purely hobby oriented or you are researching for an essay or article, having several different books at your disposal can be extremely beneficial. Unfortunately, not all books meet […]